Maxim Meyer-Horn

16 Jun 2019

DVTCH NORRIS, We Love You For Your New EP ‘Fahad Seriki, I Hate You’

Can we just take this moment to let you all know that DVTCH NORRIS is officially the new rap king from Antwerp? We’ve been following our favorite fella for a while now and the way he has been growing as an artist and individual these past years can’t be put into words. Alongside his best friend Coely, he has played the biggest festivals in Europe and after hearing his brand-new EP ‘Fahad Seriki, I Hate You’, we’re more than sure he’ll be doing this on his own too.

DVTCH’s seven-track EP is probably the strongest collection of songs he has yet released. With the two lead singles “Blessed” and “Save Us“, he already showed us what to expect from this new EP and we’re happy that he didn’t disclose too much.

He is a real role model

DVTCH didn’t have an easy past and starts to spit out everything that has been on his chest for way too long. Resulting in seven different stories and vibes, the EP feels like a story that shouldn’t be overheard. In “As Good As Bad News” he’s joined by Yann Gaudeuille, who’s bringing soul into the chorus and makes us feel the “I just wanna be a role model”-lines over and over again. In the song, DVTCH is rapping about his mental health and really makes us feel the pain he’s been through. This is by far the most personal and touching we’ve heard him so far.


King of the festivals

Everyone that has seen Dvtch Norris before, knows that he’s a great performer and always gives more than 100% to make every show unique. With these new songs in his backpack, he will probably be even more on fire. Songs like “Ignorance”, “Blessed” or “Oaktree” will bring the heat to the festivals this summer and will possibly crown the rapper ‘King of the festivals’. It promises to be a very good year for our friend DVTCH NORRIS and he deserves every success he’s getting and more.

Fahad Sekiri, I Hate You is now available on every platform.

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