13 Feb

Editorial: Delvaux, The Hero bag

Delvaux, iconic label of fine luxury goods, is going prep school chic by launching The Hero, a new limited edition bag. The brand revamped one of their archetypal designs, Brillant, into a dark green vinyl version stamped with 1829. Which is the year that Charles Delvaux founded the company. This makes The Hero officially a fine fusion of heritage and innovation.

An advantage about modernizing an icon, is that you can adapt the functional details to the needs of this time. Contemporary women are always busy and on the move. That’s why The Hero comes with a two-toned strap so you can also wear it over-the-shoulder. And even though you won’t be able to put an arsenal of unnecessary belongings in your purse (as women tend to do), it’s rather spacious. Just take into account that it’s a bit transparent. So we suggest you invest in an extra canvas clutch or make-up bag to hide your more private belongings. Unless you don’t mind people seeing which tampons you use, of course.


If you want to score The Hero, we have to inform you that the bag will officially be launched this Wednesday, the 15th of February. And it will only be sold in selected boutiques. The good news is that the retail price is very affordable compared to the regular Delvaux range, for just 1100€ this limited edition is yours. More info via www.delvaux.com.

Delvaux The Hero bag 1829
Delvaux The Hero bag 1829
Delvaux The Hero bag 1829

Delvaux bag. Vans sneakers. Puma socks. Dries Van Noten trousers. Baum Und Pferdgarten knit. Vintage scarf and bomber jacket. Prada shades.

Delvaux The Hero bag 1829

Delvaux bag. Dries Van Noten boots and trousers. Baum Und Pferdgarten blazer and scarf. Magdalena jacket. Vintage nike bomber jacket. Prada shades.

Delvaux The Hero bag 1829

Photography by Lennert Madou 
Model: Lynn Luyckx from Dominique Models
Production and Styling by ENFNTS TERRIBLES

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