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Editorial: Eyes on Brussels with Henri PFR and C.P. Company

Discovering different places than your own has never become more important than in the past decade. People are en masse coming out of their comfort zones thanks to the World Wide Web. No wonder #wanderlust became one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Simultaneously, locals from all around the world started proudly promoting their hometowns via social media. We no longer depend on that one critic who writes for a travel guide. Interesting cities and the latest hot spots are all over social media, directly from the source.


C.P. Company, Italian apparel brand par excellence, was fascinated by this evolution. The team behind the label wondered where their collection is traveling to, who does it wear and what does it see. That’s why they launched the Eyes on the City campaign this fall. C.P. Company wants to pay homage to the authenticity of its community, through the personal perspective of its people.

Eyes on Brussels with Henri PFR

There’s Milan, London, Paris,… But how about Belgium? This tiny country in the north tends to be forgotten but has quite some interesting cities to visit. Like its capital Brussels for example. Since we’re not much of a guide ourselves, we contacted resident genius Henri PFR to take us to his favorite places.

If you’ve been to Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Pukkelpop, or just any festival this summer Henri PFR must ring a serious bell. His nickname is “the little record prince” since he became the new sensation of the Belgian electro scene at the age of only 21.

By this, you can already tell he’s not just the next best DJ around. Henri, who is signed to Sony Music, is actually trained in classical music and studied music theory from the age of six till he was fourteen. Once he became older, his interest in electronic music started growing. His career officially started when he uploaded his summer memories mixtape on Youtube. With more than 70 million views, Henri PFR caught the attention of Armin Van Buuren’s label. And so the contract for his first two singles was a fact.

Meantime, one hit after the other came out and Henri PFR is traveling around the world. So if you aren’t a fan already… you should definitely check out his music. And don’t forget to keep an eye on his Facebook page since his new single “In the Mood” with Romeo Blanco ft Veronica is going to be launched very soon.

In between his very busy schedule, Henri took the time to show us around his hometown Brussels for the C.P. Company #eyesonthecity project.


Belgium has tons of hidden gems. Besides having great designers, one of the most well-equipped recording studios on the planet is based in its capital. ICP Studios is a residential studio complex with recreational facilities. Above all, award-winning hit singles and albums from the biggest artists in the music industry were created here. Songs by Backstreet, Vanessa Paradis, Lana Del Rey, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Pharrell Williams,  Axelle Red and many more. Some even call it Disneyland for musicians. You could tell by the sparkle in Henri’s eyes when we entered the studio…

We visited Studio A at ICP, one of the 4 workrooms where he showed us his piano skills. Not just any piano, but the Yamaha C7.

ICP Studios, Emile de Bécostraat, Brussels


This internationally known museum is located in an old warehouse in the center of Brussels and possesses more than 8000 instruments. A formerly owned instrument by Maurice Ravel and inventions by Adolphe Sax are part of the collection, amongst many others. Because of Henri’s classical background, it’s quite obvious why he likes this place so much.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures in the museum itself so the shoot took place on the rooftop terrace where also the restaurant is located. Also definitely worth a visit because of the magnificent view on the city of Brussels.

Musée des Instruments – Hofbergstraat 2, Brussels


La Grande Place might just be the most important landmark of Brussels. You can’t visit the city without having a stroll around this square with its architectural masterpieces. Just one week before the shoot, Henri had a live performance at La Grande Place. It was the first time he played the piano in front of such a large crowd. In his own words “It was magical”.


Bar Beton is a coffee/cocktail bar, lunch and aperitivo spot located in one of the more trendy areas in Brussels. The friendly staff (who are clearly fans of Henri) and cosy interior really make it feel a bit like home. No wonder Henri likes to come here.

Bar Beton – Antoine Dansaertstraat 114, Brussels


About C.P. Company

In 1971 Italian designer Massimo Osti founded Chester Perry. Though in 1978 he renamed the label. Since the beginning C.P. Company has been a campaigner of the jointure between archival military, work, and sportswear. While combining the three with intensely probed, cutting-edge, Italian fabric innovation. This fabric innovation has been revolutionized by the use of garment dyeing, a technique the brand is still known to apply on their garments until the present day. Regardless of the brand’s evolution, they always kept their house aesthetic and authenticity unscathed.

Whether it’s a sweatshirt, a winter jacket with the signature goggles or simply a dressed shirt from their FW17 menswear collection, their functional wardrobe classics fit any guy working and living in the city. Without forgetting the endless ways to style these easy-to-wear fall/winter garments.

Photography by Felicia Van Ham for ENFNTS TERRIBLES
Production and styling by ENFNTS TERRIBLES
With special thanks to Henri PFR

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