13 Aug 2021

EDITORIAL: What Love Means by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle

Wednesday the 11th of August, we proudly presented the directorial debut of Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle with a short film that you can watch on our IG TV. As an extra layer to that release, we’re now publishing exclusive editorial images, shot by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle, and the poem that inspired the short film, written by queer non-binary artist Emiel Lenaert.

Sometimes we find ourselves lost
between train tracks of empty thought.
Unsure of which track goes where –

if anywhere.

Sometimes I’m reminded
of the nights
I’ve spent,


Or reminded of all the could’ve-beens,
the almost-woulds /
the train just departed.
The deserted platform at midnight.

But today is different.
Today I celebrate.

I look into their eyes
as if I’m counting birds.

I can’t help but think:
I’m drowning in a flock of starlings.

The light is melting through the curtains,
into our tender room.
It’s the morning –



I awaken in a world that makes me feel
like I can’t be enough.
So a lover calling me


is what I clutch to.

JOZEF (left): Rafael ferreiro full look. Timeless Pearly earrings by Zalando. GODWIN (right): Christopher Paepke blazer. Versace rings. Alighieri rings. Cvmille Jewellery earrings.

There are many things
I thought I’d never say.
But I feel my lips wrestling out big words.
I realise that
I am their religion.

What I’m trying to say:

They love me.
I love them.

And yes, it’s true,
we’ve yet to learn to love ourselves –
but I’m sure that, for now,
this is plenty.

We felt nothing for a while

now we feel it all.

And it’s not just our love –
but their love too.

These strangers who became family /

who let me

into their broken backyards,
showed me a toolshed,

called love.

Gave me time,

and trust.

Talking about love had always been like trying
to describe a room –
I wasn’t allowed inside of.

I used to envy people who found love
hidden away in perfumed letters,
in candle lit dinners,
gentle wake-up tickling,

or the moon.

But now I understand
that love has nothing.

– to do with any
of those things.

Rather, love is that which gives
us the faith we need
to move beyond the limitations
put on us by others.

Love is that what gives us faith
that a more beautiful version
of ourselves

is within reach.

The faith
to transcendent

Liberation born from love.
Love born from liberty.


– by Emiel Lenaert

CHLOE (left): Vetements dress. Mass Lee earrings. Gregory Assad sunglasses. GAETAN (right): Arturo Obegero trousers. Stylist's own top.

Ingmar Patton Plusczyk dress. Asos shoes. Cvmille necklace. D'heygere earrings.

Versace earrings by Zalando.

Vetements dress. Cvmille earrings.

Guy Laroche dress. Max and co shoes. Versace sunglasses by Zalando. Tory Burch earrings by Zalando.

JADE (left): Versace dress by Zalando. JAMARO (right): Versace two piece by Zalando. N°21 shoes by Zalando.

From Left to right - GAETAN: Tiger of Sweden trousers by Zalando. Arturo Obegero top. Vetements shoes. Versace necklace by Zalando. JADE: Vivienne Westwood shirt y Zalando. MAMI: Zalando sweater. Vivienne Westwood skirt by Zalando. Cult Gaia earrings by Zalando. CHLOE: Alberta Ferretti dress by Zalando. Charlien Lagrou earcuff. SAFIR: Hervé Leger two piece by Zalando. Mass Lee earrings. MONICA: Gregory Assad coat dress. GODWIN and JOZEF: Custom Maximillian Rittler denim looks. FARNESE: Vetements skirt. Versace earrings by zalando. JULIETTE: Pressiat dress. Mass Lee earrings. JAMARO: Olymp shirt by Zalando. Polo Ralph Lauren trousers by Zalando. N°21 shoes

Elisa Poppy dresses. Versace Sunglasses by Zalando. Mass Lee earrings.

GODWIN (left): Arturo Obegero top and trousers. Roberto Cavalli shoes by Zalando. Mass Lee earring. JOZEF (right): Arturo Obegero top. Guy Laroche trousers. Tiger Of Sweden shoes by Zalando. Anais de Keyser earcuffs and rings. Cvmille Jewellery earring.

Special thanks to Zalando and M.A.C for supporting this project.

Photography by Ines Vansteenkiste-Muylle
Styling by Kate Housh
Makeup by Lili Glavan
Hair by The Golden Giraffe
Set dressing and art direction by Kenia Raphael

Executive Producer Bastiaan Lochs
Production assistance Dries Vriesacker and Jonathan Van Hemelrijck
Production company Mercator.tv
Co-production by ENFNTS TERRIBLES

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