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12 Aug

Premiere: Watch MIYA MIYA’s New Music Video For ‘Cold Blood’

Despite 2020 being an absolute shitshow, upcoming UK-based group MIYA MIYA is ready to make it their year. Today, we get to show you the dramatic Sci-Fi music video for their latest single “Cold Blood” in an exclusive world premiere!

When we say MIYA MIYA is upcoming, we really mean upcoming. They only released their debut single “Underwater” in March this year. Now, they are back with a new track “Cold Blood”, which is part of an eponymous debut EP.

The four-piece started making music together after they connected at university. They formed a songwriting team to write and produce music for other artists, racking up credits with their unique, powerfully emotive style. Actually, you have probably already heard their most well-known creation! The members wrote Jonas Blue and RetroVision’s track “All Night Long”, which even went to No. 1 on the Billboard dance chart in the US!

Cold Blood

MIYA MIYA’s newest single sounds like a nice blend between Imagine Dragons and The Chainsmokers, with a touch of timelessness. This specific sound makes sense because they grew up listening to classic artists like Fleetwood Mac, Queen, and Jeff Buckley. It all results in an exciting combination that fuses intimate storytelling with an epic stadium sound.

For being a band that has only just started, MIYA MIYA is already creating some high-quality music videos. The video was created in quarantine with the whole team wearing masks. We see the group being held captive and experimented on in a sort of Stranger Things-like video. They plan their escape but are eventually killed in — you guessed it — cold blood.

MIYA MIYA also gave us a behind-the-scenes look on set. Check it out!

MIYA MIYA members Jordan and Gini on the set of the 'Cold Blood' music video

Gini stuck in a cage. Pretty convenient to assure social distancing

From left, James, Jordan, Gio, and Gini all together

Jordan on set

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