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Meet The 4 Designer Labels Behind The Field Notes Capsule Collection

Think two designers and two designer duo’s coming together to create a forward-thinking collection for the urban traveler within us. That’s what happened in Florence, during Pitti Uomo 94. You know, one of the leading international trade shows for men’s fashion. That’s where MINI and The Woolmark Company unveiled their latest project. After a long wait, we finally got to see the capsule collection, made out of wool, created by four emerging international designer labels. We love those kinds of collaborations, especially when it’s well thought-out, stylish and functional. Pretty much all you need while traveling around.

But who are the masterminds behind the Field Notes capsule collection and what inspired them?

Scroll down and find out!

Liam Hodges

Liam Hodges is the founder of his own luxury brand for ‘the mad and bad ones who are desirous of everything and those who forsake conformity every day’. The London-based designer creates bold and strong utilitarian clothes for urban adventures. His creations conform to no rules nor restrictions. Think workwear, skatewear and baggy silhouettes styled in a way that isn’t ordinary. Hodges’ Field Notes garments are a refined extension of his signature aesthetic.

For this collection, Liam gathered snippets from all his New York stories he encountered. He presents these memories as visual cues from DIY-esque prints, mixed with denim as a classic Americana emblem and checked overcoats as a reference to Wall Street.

Liam Hodges shows Field Notes Collection at Pitti Uomo 94

Liam Hodges

Staff Only

This independent designer duo who started a menswear brand in China is now on the rise. Shimo Zhou and Une Yea from Staff Only have a rather unusual approach to menswear. Mixing technology with humoristic elements and innovative textiles is kind of their thing. Nonetheless, this Shanghai-based pair targets men who break boundaries and dare explore unknown territory.

In their time studying in London, the idyllic landscape of the Greenwich Park was for both designers a source of inspiration and their urban escape too. “It’s hard to forget that place, the feeling of being there: the scent of freshly cut grass, the taste of tea and scones – people sharing a peaceful moment with their friends. It’s so refreshing. You want to stay there forever.

However, it’s the ravishing green adorning the park that influenced their silhouette for the Field Notes collection the most. From their London memories were born two functional and easy-to-carry garments. First comes the travel bag, which you can unzip and detach to fill your essentials with. The second clothing piece is a stunning green coat made of blending wool. Which is more eco-friendly and also makes fewer wrinkles.

Staff Only shows Field Notes Collection at Pitti Uomo 94

Rike Feurstein

Next designer, Rike Feurstein from Germany, is married with cutting-edge aesthetics. Operating from her Berlin atelier, she only designs headpieces, she experiments with art and fashion. Besides trying to deliver the unexpected, Rike’s hats reveal a painter’s fascination. Her opulent hand-made headwear is minimalistic, modern and comes in detailed shapes.

During a visit inside the Catherine Palace near St. Petersburg, a whole new world of sensory experience opened up to Rike. What started as an obsession inspired her to mold her headgear samples for the Field Notes collection.“This place is captivating. Its endless hues of amber go from light beige to dark scarlet. And they always change depending on how they catch the sunlight. There was a spark between us.

The Amber Room, inside the Catherine Palace, for Rike stands for the clash between the old Soviet years and the current situation. When you look at the shapes of her headpieces, you can see how she embraces that historical era and makes it wearable again.

Meet The 4 Designer Labels Behind The 'Field Notes' Capsule Collection


Meet Mijia Zhang and Wei Lin, the two founders of contemporary women’s knitwear label dubbed PH5. Established in New York since 2014, PH5 wants to break boundaries by challenging the traditional perception of knitwear. The two ladies found heaps of inspiration at the lively Art Deco district in Miami. They remembered the colored buildings with beautiful patterns and used it to create their Field Notes outfit. For this collection, the designer duo worked with innovative sheer wool for that light, summer feel.

What makes their creations for the Field Notes capsule collection interesting, is the association between playful designs, architecture and their advanced knitting techniques. However, the use of vivid hues, graphic shapes, and futuristic touches also add an intriguing flair to the whole set up.

We were naturally drawn to the unique architectural forms, particularly looking at how light and dark are captured in their patterns and the juxtaposition between soft tones and hard lines.

PH5 shows Field Notes capsule collection in Florence


Watch the video below to find out more details about the designers behind the Field Notes capsule collection.

Photo credits: MINI, Christabelle Beaudry Timmermann

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