23 Nov

FILA South Africa Salutes Cape Town’s Youth Culture In A New Lookbook

Once upon a time, in a far past, we all owned sports gear from FILA. You know, that brand many of us used to pronounce as “FILS”. Back in the nineties, FILA was known as one of the global players in sportswear. Standing strong next to labels like Reebok, Adidas, Ellesse and more. However, with the current 90’s revival deluge, they have been given a new life. In addition to that, the South-Korean sportswear label has opened its new HQ in South Africa. The celebration wouldn’t be complete without a lookbook.

Not just another lookbook

What we perceive as ‘obvious‘ or ‘normal‘ isn’t always the case in every country. In this lookbook, Fila wants to pay homage to Cape Town’s youth culture. So, they casted 4 models styled in a mix of fresh items from their Heritage collection. To us, this isn’t “just another lookbook”, it’s also a way to show that people with a different skin tone/background can connect through fashion. And live together in harmony, despite the clear signs of the presence of a demon called apartheid.

Take a good look at FILA’s new lookbook photographed by Tauriq Dolley.


Photo credits: Fila

Fila South Africa Lookbook

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