1 May
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First Belgian Netflix Series ‘Into the Night’ Is Now Available Worldwide

With big parts of the world still in a total lockdown, one of the few ways to escape nowadays is television. So Netflix bringing out a new drama is just what we need. What makes it even better, is that this new Netflix show is the streaming services’ very first Belgian production.

Although Into The Night is a Belgian production, the cast is international with actors from Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, and Turkey. It’s based on Jacek Dukaj’s best-selling novel The Old Axolotl and is directed by Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye with Jason George and Jacek Dukaj serving as writers. This might become Netflix’s next hit show!

The Plot

The series first starts off in Brussels, where a flight is about to take off when a sudden solar event takes place, with the sun beginning to kill everything in its path. What follows is a race to outrun the sun.

Speaking to RadioTimes about the concept of the series, Executive Producer Tomek Bagiński said: “What I loved most was the inevitability of apocalypse and the idea that you can run from it in a plane with a group of strangers who don’t even speak the same language.”

‘Into The Night’ is now exclusively available on Netflix worldwide.

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