4 May

First Monday of May: This Year’s Met Gala Is Taking Place on Twitter

It’s the first Monday of May and usually that would mean that the biggest stars in the world are gathering in New York to attend the biggest fashion event of the year: the Met Ball. But miss Rona said ‘no, not on my watch’. Although — for obvious reasons — the Met Gala has been postponed indefinitely, there’s a virtual Met Gala taking place on Twitter.

High fashion Twitter — yes, that’s a thing — is organizing the HF Twitter MET Gala and everyone is invited!

The categories are:

People on Twitter could sign up to participate in four big categories: photoset creation, brand challenge, wardrobe styling, and illustration expression. All of the categories challenge the participants to really do their research and get educated on everything from the theme to the history of the brands they are representing.

For the photoset creation challenge, Twitter users have to present a photoset using photos of their choice of what they would wear to this year’s Met Gala. When signed up for the brand challenge, participants are assigned a brand or fashion house that is not commonly discussed on high fashion twitter (such as Mugler, Dior, and Margiela). They then have to create a look using only pieces of the brand they got assigned.

For the wardrobe styling challenge, participants have to digitally share their styling expertise by creating an outfit using only clothes from their own closet. Note, buying new clothes for this challenge was forbidden by the HF Met Gala Staff — yes, that’s also a thing. For the fourth challenge, which is the illustration expression challenge, people have to sketch a look they would like to create for this year’s Met Ball.

Today, everyone can check out the results of this virtual Met gala under the hashtag #HFMetGala2020 and the official HF Twitter Met Gala account. Also, make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter account @enfntsterribles because we might retweet some of our favorites!

Photo on top by Phil Oh

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