13 Jun

Five Base-Hacks for Perfect Summer Skin

The sun is finally here! Sun, beach, sweat, heartbreaks… it’s the season to shine and the season to relax. So no way in hell that we’re hitting these holiday destinations with a full face of foundation. Here are some quick tips to ace that base and live your best life.

Thou shall let your skin breath

Wake and bake is cute and all but in these hot summer months where your skin is being attacked by humidity, ice-cold AC’s and the sweat of hot summer lovers it’s great to skip cakey foundation. Sunscreen is always a must but since most sunscreens have a very sticky consistency you’re better off with keeping everything you apply on top as light as possible. Also, make sure to wash off any residue of said sunscreen and sweat of summer lovers before going to bed. Ad an extra hydrating serum into that nighttime routine and wake up glowy, fresh and ready to seize the day.

Thou shall sip from that holy grail

The entire Enfnts Terribles team thinks I sound like a broken record by now but drink the damn water! All these barbeques with rosé are not doing our skin any favors so make it a habit to order a glass of water with every cocktail. Nobody wants to wake up with those fine lines around the eyes and lips caused by dehydration. So we’re sippin’ on that good ol’ H2O all day every day. The thirst is real and we are not hiding it this summer. Bottoms up!

Thou shall match like it’s game day

It’s 2018, and if you do choose to wear foundation on these hot, humid days may I remind you that it’s cuter to wear the color you have and not the color you aspire to be. Quick tip on buying a new foundation: always test in natural light, test a few shades on your jawline or neck, since this is usually a closer match than for example the back of your hand. Deeper complexions usually have more than one shade in their face so it helps to swatch on the chest-area just to be sure. If you applied the shades you’re doubting between, squint your eyes while looking at them, the one shade that “disappears” into your skin is your closest match.

Thou shall amp up the glow

Adding a drop of face oil in your foundation will leave your skin looking dewy and gorgeous. Shimmer drops can have the same effect if you’re not a big fan of putting extra oil on your face. Both Lancôme and MAC cosmetics have easy-to-use lustre-drops that you can mix in with your base. If you do like to powder your foundation, only do so on the T-zone with a tissue. Separate a two-ply tissue, apply one half over your skin, then apply your loose or mineral powder on top. Et voila, skin that looks like skin but better. Valencia-filter where bitch?

Thou shall glow, but not reflect

There is a reason most under-eye concealers don’t work well on the rest of your face. Besides smart marketing, most of these under-eye “brighteners”, like for example: the YSL touche d’éclat, have light-reflecting pigments or particles in them. Which is cute and all, to bright up an under-eye area or emphasize a cupid’s bow, but don’t put it on a spot or a pimple. You’re literally putting a spotlight (pun intended) on an area you’d like to cover and this will look very “HELLO LOOK AT THIS BLEMISH” especially in photographs. Got a pimple? Pat on a creamy, matte concealer and leave it alone. Pinched it anyway and left with a moist little red bump? Apply a loose powder with a clean brush or a cotton bud, the powder will adhere rather than slide off and if you take a shade close enough to your skin tone it will photograph seamless. Thank me later.

Photography by Jon the Gold for Enfnts Terribles
Makeup by Gladys Ferro


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