Five Insider Tips for the Eternal City Rome

When thinking of Rome, the first thing coming to mind is the Colosseum, pizza and pasta. Shitloads of pizza and pasta. But besides all those obvious things, it’s a city where you need to get lost in the mesmerizing streets of the City of Seven Hills. It’s the number one European capital that stole my heart. (Well, I guess the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.) And a cultural walhalla bathing in the sunlight of the Southern climate. But for every city there are some hidden gems, tips and must-visits. So, let me hit you up real quick.

Student discount

When visiting Rome, you’ll probably want to visit some of the historical museums or buildings. Although food is rather cheap in Italy, the prices for taking a learning class through Western history aren’t. But there are some hacks to make your city trip less expensive. In Rome, don’t forget to take your student card with you for everything you visit. Most of the tourist things such as the Colosseum or the Vatican are cheaper for students. Ordering tickets online for the Vatican is even more interesting, that is if you want to skip the extremely long line in front of the entrance.

Rome’s Cat Sanctuary

Yes, this is a thing. While strolling through Rome, I accidentally ended up looking at some ruins. Not that that’s an uncommon thing in Rome, as there are old buildings and historical sites everywhere. This one is called Torre Argentina, a five minute walk from Piazza Navona. The ruins are the place where Julius Ceasar was murdered, and now is the place-to-be for every crazy cat woman out there. When I was there, about 140 street cats lived in the ruins. Between 12 pm and 18pm, the shop downstairs is open. You can pet some of the cats, buy a souvenir and support the cat shelter.


If there’s one thing to not do in Rome, it’s eating in the centre. I know it sounds great to eat your pasta with a view of the Trevi fountain, but it’s not worth it. Eat your gellato at the stairs in front of Trevi, but get your pasta or pizza at a local restaurant in the outside districts such as Trastevere. The quality of the food is way higher, and the price is damn low. Walk through Gia Garibaldi and search for the cheapest restaurant, some of them sell homemade pizza for three euros. When you want to drink something, choose the Vino della Casa. That’s the house wine, most of the time it’s the cheapest wine the restaurant has to offer and it’s always good. Not only the food and wine are great, but you should also visit Piazza di Santa Maria in the evening. The walk back along the Tiber, over the Ponte Sisto bridge is the most romantic thing Rome has to offer.


Nasoni Fountains

Rome provides its inhabitants and tourists with free drinking water all over the city. There are 2500 fountains all over the city area. The water is completely safe, fresh and there’s enough for everyone because the water comes directly from the mountains above the city. So don’t let those marketguys trick you into buying a bottle for one or two euros, because you can just fill your bottle. There are even fountains inside the Colosseum, as the system was created by the Romans years ago. And the water which isn’t used to drink, is used by the inhabitants to water plants, in factories or in shops.

Party hard

What’s a citytrip without a good party, right? Although Rome is an ancient city, the youth is taking over and the party scene is popping. From wine bars to real clubs, Rome has it all. One of the coolest local places is Rome Tram Tracks. Partying in the shadows of the Colosseum in Trastevere in Freni e Frizione, a vintage tram with a live band. If you’re more into clubbing, Testaccio is the district to be. It’s the place where locals go to dance their ass off. Akab is one of the most popular clubs in the area. If you’re more into low key and relaxed bars, Salotto 42 is the place for you. One of the best wine bars in Rome in the Eternal city. When planning a trip to Rome, Google what’s going on there. During many weekends they have outside festivals or concerts, so Rome really does have something for everyone after the sun goes down.

Photo credit: Pinterest, Rome Private Guide, Meteoweb


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