Five Must-Visit Streetwear Stores in Amsterdam

Ah, Amsterdam. Who wouldn’t be down to go hang around in the city of canals, museums, the Red Light District and weed? Next to all the previous benefits of a citytrip to the Netherlands’ capital city, the historic location also serves as a streetwear walhalla when it comes to European metropoles. We’ve listed up five stores you should definitely visit while you’re cruising past the water on a rented bike.

Daily Paper

A little out of the city center, there’s Daily Paper. A minimalistic flagship store filled with sneakers, garments and even a barber in the back. The bamboo sealing has a print which returns in the floor and the store is insanely clean. Daily Paper is a well-known name in the streetwear world, with collections inspired by black culture. Prints are their number one priority: the counter has typical African prints, the clothing racks are made out of bamboo and there’s plants everywhere. Next to clothing, the store also sells art books and accessories. Although Daily Paper started as a menswear brand, their latest women’s collections are a perfect combination between african culture, streetwear and the finishing touches of high-end items.

Maha Amsterdam

Maha is a special one, as the store dedicates its items to women. The minimalistic vibe in the store gives the shop the perfect male touch every female in streetwear loves. The owner of Maha wanted to give women the opportunity to have their own place in a world ruled by men. Saskia Van Hofwegen, the mind behind the store, opened the shop because she couldn’t find streetwear for women in Amsterdam. The idea was to provide women with the same type of clothes their boyfriends have in their closet. All sorts of female energy collides together in a space full of sneakers, clothing and vibes.


Solebox has made its name in the sneaker world with the niche stores all over Europe. Besides the bank-inspired store in Brussels and the art gallery in Vienna there’s a smoke filled sneaker lab close to the Dam Square in Amsterdam. Solebox is known as one of the must-visit stores worldwide to get your special pair of kicks. The stores tell a story. Even when you’re not buying anything you’ve got to experience the way Solebox tries to bring more than just streetwear. If you’re looking for Bathing Ape in Amsterdam, Solebox is the place to be. Next to the well-known Bape Nike Air Force 1’s with the star on the side, the shop also provides its clients with Bape clothing.


Solebox Amsterdam filled with smoke


Maha Amsterdam

Daily Paper

The Daily Paper Flagship Store

Patta located at Zeedijk

Patta's logo in front of the store


If you are going to Amsterdam with the intention to shop for streetwear, Patta is one of the most important stores on the list. The small shop is located in between asian restaurants and used to be at another location, but moved to Zeedijk. It’s called Patta (shoes in Surinamese) because it started as a sneaker store. These days, Patta has made its name in the streetwear world as a clothing brand. With collaborations, including Carhartt, Diadora and Levis the brand has grown up to be one of the biggest streetwear names of the Netherlands. The shop is always fully crowded (read: 10 to 15 people shopping) and there’s a nice vibe in and in front of the shop.


Zeedijk60 is one of the least known streetwear stores in Amsterdam. The store got its name from its adress, on the other side of Patta. There are always young people hanging in front of the store. Little do tourists know there’s an unknown streetwear walhalla inside. With three brands mostly worn by locals and Dutch fans of the hiphop collective SMIB. Next to clothing from Sumibu, there’s Bonne Suits and The New Originals. Ever thought of buying a lavender suit in suede? Bonne Reijn’s got you covered with his brand Bonne Suits. And for your velour pants you can just buy The New Originals. The store has a lot more than just clothing, but you might as well go check it out yourself if you want to get to know the guys and the vibe.

Photo credit: Patta, Candy Rosie, Soundflow, Solebox, Zeedijk 60

Zeedijk 60

Zeedijk 60


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