24 Apr

Fka Twigs Is Back with New Single ‘Cellophane’

Tahliah Debrett Barnett is a once in a lifetime singer, songwriter, producer and dancer. Under her stage name FKA Twigs, the British artist stunned the music world with her debut album ‘LP1′ in 2014. The ten songs strong project ended up in every year-end ranking of the best albums of the year and showcased the artistic mindset of Barnett. Today, over three years since the release of her last single, FKA Twigs returns with her new single “Cellophane”

“You are one of my more loyal supporters, so I wanted to write you directly to let you know – it’s time. FKA Twigs”. Barnett only needed twenty-three words to drive her fans crazy and to introduce her comeback. Her last release dates from August 2015, but it looks like we are getting a new album sooner than we expected. A name, tracklist or release date for her second album is yet to be announced, but the first single of her comeback is finally out.


Eye-opening. That’s the first thing that comes to our minds while listening to “Cellophane”. FKA Twigs definitely keeps it clean by putting her vocals in front. A piano and some simple beats are enough to set a vibe which keeps us dreaming. Everyone who expected a complex and dark song will be disappointed, because her comeback single is way more modest than we could imagine.

FKA Twigs shows her fragile side and that’s something we see her do even more in the future. Some dark beats would have given the song a creepier feel, but the way she puts emotion in her voice is simply magical. FKA Twigs is ready to start a new era and we can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next.

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