21 Mar

Flume Reintroduces Himself With Surprise Mixtape ‘Hi This Is Flume’

The Australian Grammy-winning producer and DJ Flume is a household name in the world of electronic music and is always looking for ways to surprise us. After two critically acclaimed albums, the 27-year-old artist just dropped a surprise mixtape. He’s experimenting with his sound while searching the borders of popular music. Not impressed by the fast changing music industry, Flume is certain to smash hard with his seventeen numbers strong project which includes some exciting collaborations.

Flume is always looking to expand his limits of musical capacities and his new mixtape Hi This Is Flume makes no exception to that. Mixing heavy, industrial sounds with very melodic beats, his new songs are definitely not made to get his new work on the radio. It’s surprising and refreshing in many ways, but sometimes maybe a little bit too complex to fully understand.

Futuristic and modern

We can’t deny that Flume is a creative genius with many exciting ideas and visions. Which makes him a one of a kind artist, but some song structures are maybe a little bit too heavy to fully appreciate. We totally agree that music doesn’t always have to be easy and fun, but listening to Flume’s new project asks your full attention and that’s something many music fans are struggling with nowadays. Songs like “Jewels”, “Voices” (a collab with SOPHIE and KUČKA) or “Dreamtime” are real electronic gems and really impressed us thanks to their unique sounds.

You might think that we don’t like Hi This Is Flume, but that would be totally wrong. The mixtape is a very cohesive piece of art and can’t be compared to many other similar projects. Not only does the mixtape have some strong sounds, especially the visualizer makes Flume’s 38 minute-long project stand out. Very impressive shots, that can be situated between modern, traditional and futuristic, hypnotize you for over forty minutes and keep you attached to your screen.

If you believe the mixtape or visualizer might not be your cup of tea, we strongly advise you to just listen to “How To Build A Relationship”, where JPEGMAFIA is taking the role as storyteller.

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