Fondazione Prada: A Contemporary Art Heaven In Milan

Since 1995, Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli – her husband and CEO of the Prada Group – have co-chaired the Fondazione Prada. Fondazione Prada now has three venues: two in Milan and one in Venice. The different locations are all dedicated to contemporary art and culture. Over the years they have held solo art shows, architectural shows as well as cinematographic projects. On a recent trip to Milan, I visited the stunning venue in Largo Isarco and I was most definitely not disappointed.

Milan – Largo Isarco

On a recent trip, I visited the Fondazione Prada venue in Southern Milan which spans over 19,000 squared meters. It was truly a mind blowing experience, as the art was all so perceptual and experimental. Some a bit difficult to truly comprehend, but none the less it was an explosion on the visual senses.

Not only is the art inside the various buildings incredible, but the actual buildings are stunning. Located in an area that houses a large amount of warehouses, this art venue was revamped into gems. Literally though, considering one of the buildings is painted in gold. The contrast to the hyper modern, concrete building is quite the visual.

All the art is astounding, with several of the pieces on display taking on nudity and political messages. There was also an incredibly dark and immersive room, featuring sand on the floor and several smashed up cars, with bright spotlights. Quickly learned suede boots and sand don’t go together, so it was onto the next art instalment for me.

In addition to all this delightful art, they have such a charming restaurant on site called “Bar Luce”. Designed by Wes Anderson, whom said it would be the perfect place to write a movie. It mirrors a traditional Milan café and delivers such a marvellous atmosphere.

Wether in the mood for a glass of prosecco or franciacorta, or one of their scrumptious hot chocolates – they have something for everyone. You truly feel as if you’ve stepped into a movie set from the 50’s or 60’s once you arrive at this bar.

Address: 2 Largo Isarco, 20139 Milano
Price: €10, €8 for students or free for under 18s or over 65s

Photocredit: OMA, Fondazione Prada, Vetle Egeland


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