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16 Nov

Former Child Star Lennon Stella Releases Amazing Indie Pop EP

Meet Lennon Stella. As a kid she went viral on YouTube. As a teenager, she portrayed Maddie Jaymes on ‘Nashville’. As a young woman, she’s releasing her own music. WARNING: her raspy voice and intense lyrics will not leave you untouched.

When Fiction Becomes Reality

Six years ago Lennon and her little sister Maisy went viral on YouTube with a cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend”. There is no denying that the young Canadian girls are gifted with tons and tons of talent. The video was a way to increase their popularity, in order to get a work visa in the US, because the sisters had both landed a role in the TV series Nashville. They portrayed Maddie and Daphne, two daughters of fictional country legend Rayna Jaymes.

The last episode of Nashville aired in July, and it’s incredible to see how both girls have grown since the first season. The character of Lennon ended up as an upcoming pop star. Lennon is now about to turn fiction into reality and become a pop star herself. And there’s no need for her to pick out a stage name, because Lennon Stella was born with one.

Words That Come from the Heart

If you’ve been following Lennon on Instagram, you must have noticed that – besides flaunting the most intriguing vintage looking outfits –  she has been giving sneak peeks of her music for what feels like forever. This summer her first demo was finally out for the world to hear. After the very poppy “Bad“, Lennon released the super emotional “Like Everybody Else“. But Lennon Stella is a gift that keeps on giving, soon “Breakaway” and “Fortress” followed.

In the midst of releasing her own music, Stella also appeared on “Polaroid“, a track of Jonas Blue featuring Liam Payne. Her vocals are flawless as usual, but the song itself isn’t really our thing. Not that it’s bad, we’ve been jamming every time it comes on the radio, but it doesn’t contain the same depth as her own songs. Lennon’s strength is using words that come from the heart, not words that were calculated to score high on the charts.

Love, Me

Today Lennon Stella introduced the world to her debut EP. “After years of writing, trial and error, feeling defeated then feeling on top of the world, and spending time discovering who I am as a human and as an artist, I have finally come to a point where I have this little cluster of songs all in one place with a bow on top,” the 19-year-old singer shared on Instagram.

Love, Me is a reflection of Stella’s soul. It’s a glimpse of what’s going on inside her head. And her head is most definitely not a happy place. The melodies are melancholic and the lyrics sometimes tear jerking (“You put the weight of your world down on my shoulders. Why’d you have to make me older?”) I truly wonder what this girl has been through… Either way, I’m truly thankful she translated her emotions into beautiful art.

 “I can’t possibly explain in words how great it feels. I hope this EP finds its way to old friends and to new friends, and I hope you guys love it like I do. This is what my heart sounds like.”



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