Four classic sneakers every guy should own


26 Nov

Four Ultimate Classic Sneakers Every Guy Should Own

To be honest, we didn’t really know where to start with this article since there are so many classics when it comes to sneakers. If we’d want to list them all, we should write a book and at the moment that’s not a part of our career path. So we just not-so-carefully filtered out our four ultimate classics. We hereby apologize in advance to all designs that didn’t make the final cut, we mean you no harm.

1. Converse Chuck Taylor ALL STAR

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star can be considered the grandpa of all sneakers. You wouldn’t tell but the design, named after the eponymous basketball player, will almost blow out 100 candles. Since its launch in 1922, it has been present non-stop which is rare in a world where everything changes so quickly.

Four classic sneakers every guy should own


Four classic sneakers every guy should own


2. Nike Air Jordan 1

The Nike Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore, launched in 1984 and named after the legendary Michael Jordan. In a time where everyone was wearing white high-top sneakers, the red and black AJ 1’s literally came as a breath of fresh air. Throughout the years, many new Jordan’s were launched but AJ 1 will always remain the ultimate icon.

(Some of you probably wonder why we added the Jordan’s and not Air Max. Well, we get your concern. However, in our opinion the Jordan’s just have everything it takes to be a true classic.)

Four classic sneakers every guy should own



3. New Balance 990

In 1982, New Balance introduced the original 990. A rather classic running shoe in a gray-dominant colorway that we’d nowadays call a dad sneaker. It had a price tag of $100 which was rather expensive at that time, but it didn’t stop the sneaker from gathering a cult following. None other than Steve Jobs swore by the New Balance 990s. The past years, a V4 (2016) and V5 (2019) version were launched and the price tag doubled. Still, this didn’t stop the sneaker from attracting a whole new generation of fans.


Four classic sneakers every guy should own


Four classic sneakers every guy should own


4. Vans Era and Old Skool

Last on our list are Era and Old Skool from Vans, both launched in the seventies and the original skateboarding shoes par excellence. Fun fact: it was never the initial intention of the Vans’ founders to design skateboarding shoes. It simply happened after co-founder James Van Doren’s son started performing the sports.

As with all of the sneakers mentioned above, the Era and Old Skool are two designs you can count on. You can wear them year in year out while trusting the fact that they fit every look and never go out of style. That’s all we expect from an ultimate classic.

Four classic sneakers every guy should own


Four classic sneakers every guy should own


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