Copper Comme des Garçons


11 Feb

Fragrance of the Moment: Copper by Comme Des Garçons

Finding a fragrance that suits you is like finding the right partner, except this one is for sale. For a mere 100€ (more or less) you can find the perfume of your dreams and build a lifelong relationship. Until there’s a new version on the market, obviously. Our partner in scent at the moment is called Copper and is the latest creation by Comme des Garçons.

Fiery red metal, cool to the touch

We were told that the inspiration behind Comme des Garçons’ new fragrance, Copper, was “the idea of lying in the grass next to someone wearing excessive suntan lotion”. Well, we get the concept, except Copper doesn’t smell like sunscreen at all. “Fiery red metal, cool to the touch” is a better description.

The first time you spray Copper it’s … heavy, to say the least. An overdose of galbanum is the cause of this intense first acquaintance. It almost makes you want to put the bottle back in its box and hand it straight over to your grandma.

That’s when our favorite quote “patience is a virtue” makes its entrance. After 15 minutes the scent transforms into something completely else. The right amount of baie rose is the ingredient to be thankful for, it softens the sharpness of the galbanum. An interplay between both synthetic and natural ingredients such as violet, ginger, dried tobacco leaves, amber, vanilla, myrrh, and labdanum stitches create a unique olfactory experience.

Buy Copper at Dover Street Market and De Bijenkorf, among other places.

Copper Comme des Garçons
Copper Comme des Garçons
Copper Comme des Garçons

Photo credits: Tyler Mitchell for Comme des Garçons

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