19 Feb

The Infamous ‘Freestyler’ by Bomfunk MC’s Got a Remake and It’s Epic

Exactly 20 years ago, one of the most legendary music videos was released. Yes, we’re talking about Bomfunk MC’s infamous “Freestyler” video. The little kid with dreads and his MP3 player marked a tipping point in the history of digitization. Now, 20 years later, the music video got a remake by Belgian company Telenet. Instead of the MP3 player, the kid is now playing around with an iPhone, which represents the company’s latest product; the YUGO TV-app.

The epic remake of the 1999 “Freestyler” video was produced by Nadia Marquard Otzen, who also did music videos for Years & Years, among others. If you have a closer look, you’ll also recognize four people who are a figurerhead for the modern day digitalization itself; Average Rob, Flo Windey, Hakim Chatar and Said Boumazoughe

Freestyling in 2019

Except for the fact that the 2019 freestyler is a girl – which we love – there are some other differences. “An update of the video to the year 2019 was the ideal way to show the world of YUGO”, says Telenet’s communications manager Nathalie Rahbani. “Because of the YUGO TV-app our customers will be able to freestyle through television, internet and more, without needing a remote control or anything else.” For those who are good at recognizing memes, international series, dance hypes etc. they’ll see links to those things in the remake. Can you see the Game of Thrones reference, for example?

Watch the video and keep a close eye on Enfnts Terribles the coming weeks, because there might be something really fun coming your way!

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