Girls should run the world


Why girls should run the world

When writing down the title we realized this is a complicated subject. So first of all let’s refine it by saying that planet earth would be a better place if girls could co-run the world. Whether you believe it or not, each sex has its pros and cons. In general women tend to be more empathic and caring, men are rather rational and business-minded. And when your personality deviate from what’s generally accepted, you tend to hide it to satisfy society. Men can cry, when they’re alone at home. And women can be bossy, if they don’t stand in the way of anyone because than they will be labeled as a bitch.

What this planet needs is the best of both worlds with a touch of mutual respect. Unfortunately throughout history, there has been a huge lack of the caring side.

Oppression of women

For centuries women have been oppressed. The female race is physically less “strong” and generally more sensitive. And women posses the unique ability of bearing children. In a society where contraception hasn’t been invented or isn’t on point this is a full-time job. In this case it seems logical to say that they have to stay at home instead of their husbands. Thanks to the industrial revolution and after World War II women slowly started to gain more rights in the Western World. They were allowed to vote and have their own career, even after they got married.

Nowadays the situation for women looks entirely different but we’re still not there yet. Even in the most emancipated countries, a man earns more in the exact same position as a woman. Politicians, prime ministers, presidents and kings are still generally men. Religion is still ruled by the male race. All around the world girls are still abused and raped. Just because guys are generally more obsessed by power and driven by their sexual urges. You can say this is a one-sided view but you can’t ignore the facts. By writing this we don’t want to say that man are bad creatures and women all good. We know this isn’t true. What we do know is that throughout history most wars were initiated by men. And who committed the latest acts of terrorism?

What this world needs

What this world needs to evolve emotionally is a good dose of empathy. Men should develop their caring side and women need to step up their game even more. If this won’t be the case, we’re not going forward but backward. Industrially and technologically we’ve know entire revolutions but emotionally we’re still the same stupid human beings. We have no respect for each other and definitely no respect for other living creatures. So let’s see what happens if girls would co-run the world. We might all be surprised what we could learn of the female race…

Photo credits: Beyoncé

Girls should run the world

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