16 Mar

Versace and More Ban Fur – Is the Industry Finally Catching Up?

Donatella Versace, designer and vice-president of the Italian brand, is banning fur from her collections for Versace. “Fur? I’m out of that,” she said. “I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn’t feel right.”

Versace is following brands like Tom Ford, Givenchy, Michael Kors and more. Gucci just signed the Fur Free Alliance a few months ago. “Do you think using furs today is still modern? I don’t think it’s still modern and that’s the reason why we decided not to do that. It’s a little bit out-dated.” said Marco Bizzarri, who is chief executive and president of Gucci. “Creativity can jump in many different directions instead of using furs.”

No Gucci fur coats anymore

Gucci, that is well known for its fur-lined loafers among other things, will now replace everything with products made of faux-fur, wool and new  innovations. It’s probably a new generation of customers that is forcing brands to go and get their asses into the 21st century. Brands are always trying to get the new generation on board. That means they have to convince the millennials, who are way more ethically minded than previous generations.

According to Business Off Fashion, the fur ban is also about Gucci’s employer brand. “I need to do it because [otherwise] the best talent will not come to work for Gucci,” Bizzarri added. A new generation is taking over and we’re loving every single bit of it!

Is the industry finally catching up?

Gucci’s fur ban is a big deal, because of the brand’s history with fur. But a lot of other brands have already joined the ban against fur, a long time ago. A few of the Enfnts Terribles favorites are doing fur free collections for ages now. Just have a look at Dries Van Noten, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney (obviously) and many more. On top of that, online giants such as Net-A-Porter and Yoox are now only selling things that are fur free.

We think people should remember that we don’t really need fur anymore. Technology has made it able to stay warm without the need to kill an animal. It’s a pure luxurious and unnecessary thing these days. There’s really no reason at all to justify the use of fur. We should all take care of our planet a little more, shouldn’t we?

Recently, another one of our outerwear favorites announced that it would only be doing collections with a commitment to animal welfare, from now on. Napapijri’s Fall 2017 collection, which includes the innovative Superlight Skidoo, is 100% down and fur free. The Norwegian label is embodying its values of their “Make it Better” philosophy. Which we think others could learn something from – yes, we’re looking at you, Fendi.

Versace Fall 1997

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