Gucci Opens a Museum That Is Not a Museum in Florence

Gucci Garden is Florence’s latest acquisition. Brought to life by designer Alessandro Michele, the Gucci Garden is a museum exhibiting the fashion house’s heritage. Located in the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia, which sheltered the Gucci Museo, the Gucci Garden is installed as an interactive art gallery.


The newly designed two-floor venue includes a boutique with one-of-a-kind pieces, the Gucci Osteria restaurant by chef Massimo Bottura, and the Gucci Garden Galleria exhibition rooms. Compiled by Maria Luisa Frisa. After working 15 years in the fashion business, Alessandro certainly has made his aesthetic an established value. However, he didn’t leap the opportunity to highlight his designs in collaboration with Dapper Dan and GucciGhost.

Michele goes on by saying: “I wanted to give a sense to the location that would not have a deadly mood. It’s more like a bazaar. I love the variety of different things that are combined in an authentic and spirited way. I am very happy, I had fun setting it up and I think you can feel it’s a lively place. It’s a museum that is not a museum. It’s a magic, almost mythical place, and it’s in Florence, which plays such a powerful role for this brand.”

Divided into several themed rooms, the Gucci Garden Galleria tells the House’s new vision. While presenting their archives dating back to 1921, along with old ad campaigns. Decorated to Michele’s taste, the Osteria restaurant, run by three-Michelin-star chef Massimo Bottura, created a new menu inspired by his trips around the globe.

Visiting the Gucci Garden is most definitely a must when in Florence. It only costs 8 euros, plus half of the proceeds will be donated to support restoration projects in Florence. Here’s a first glimpse at the inside of the museum.


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