5 things not to say to a man wearing make-up


Gurl Bye: 5 Things Not to Say to Men in Make-Up

Men in make-up have been everywhere lately. Maybelline used Manny Gutierrez aka @MannyMua733 as their model for the launch of a new mascara, James Charles became the world’s first male Covergirl model, male beauty guru’s are more popular than ever. Of course, people are interested, and they want to know more about these fabulous men who openly wear make-up. And that’s a good thing! Asking questions and getting into conversations broadens your view on the world, and helps you to understand things you don’t really get at first. However, there’s a limit to what you can ask or say, because honestly: some things are just straight up ignorant or annoying. But if you’re in doubt, no worries! Here’s a little roundup of things you should NEVER say to men in make-up.

1. “You’re wearing make-up, sooooo… You’re gay, right?”

News flash: sexuality and how you express yourself have nothing to do with each other. And while your ignorant ass is over here making assumptions, I can tell you: asking something like this only makes you look dumb. There are plenty of girls who don’t care about make-up, and believe it or not, there are quite some straight guys who like to use make-up to look their best. Also: assuming someone’s sexuality is almost always based on prejudice and stereotypes, so you might wanna reconsider doing that.

 2. “Oh. My. God. You do make-up so much better than me, even though I am a girl!”

Look, we get it, you mean this as a compliment. And it is, really! Well, at least the “you’re good at make-up” part. Thing is: make-up skills don’t come with your gender. At birth, you don’t get a package of talents, catered to what’s between your legs. Not all girls are good at make-up, like not all boys are good at sports. And within your compliment, there’s a sense of you expecting men to be less good at make-up, while the man you’re complimenting has probably worked his ass off to become as good at make-up as he is. If you want to be good at something, you have to practice, and literally everybody can do it, if they work for it.

 3. “That’s waaaaaaay too much make-up for a boy!”

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you say this to a man or a woman, it’s just annoying and unnecessary AF. It just isn’t any of your bussiness what I put on my face, because, you see, IT’S. MY. FACE. Not yours. And if you ask me why I’m not going for a more natural look, it’s because I don’t f*cking feel like it. If I want to look glammed for the godz every day, that’s my decision, and if it bothers you, you can exit stage left. BYE!

5 things not to say to a man wearing make-up
5 things not to say to a man wearing make-up

4. “Does this mean you want to be a girl?”

First of all: that is none of your bussiness. Second of all: in a lot of the cases, it’s not. When men wear make-up, they often do it to express themselves, not to look more feminine, or because they want to pass as a woman. Make-up has no gender, and just because someone uses a product that is stereotypically more linked to girls, that doesn’t mean he wants to be one. It’s not that hard!

5. “You’re so much more handsome without make-up!”

This is basically the equivalent of when women get told ‘they look prettier without all that make-up’. Just a little reminder: we don’t wear make-up for your desire. We wear it because we want to, because we love it, and we wear it for ourselves. I get why you say it: men without make-up fit the beauty ideal better, but really, that’s not the point. If I want to rock a glittery cut-crease with a bold lip, I will, and there’s no stopping me!

Photo credits: @mannymua733


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