Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand

30 Jan

Hærværk’s « Volume 6 » Celebrates a Colorful Youth from the Mid ’90s

The Paris Men’s and Haute Couture Fashion Week is done, which means Copenhagen Fashion Week begins. On the first day of CPHFW for the Fall/Winter 2019 collections, Hærværk presented its « Volume 6 » a coming of age inspired collection true to their philosophy, celebrating a colorful youth from the mid ’90s, inspired by Larry Clark’s kids. Using strong primary colors the designer referenced childish simplicity reflecting the raw feelings and impulsive reactions of teenagers.

Hærværk, meaning “vandalism” in Danish, is a label that finds its muse in the upbringing of children in the Danish welfare state. Based on freedom of speech, social equality and creativity, free to be whatever or whoever they want to be. But that freedom means that boundaries get tested with authorities and all aspects of adolescence. It’s that duality and coming of age that Hærværk finds so interesting and which they use as inspiration; “Hærværk is the story of lost kids hanging out by the industrial docks with nothing but vandalism on the agenda.”

The lazy goofy faces and aggressive runways during Haervaerk’s show radiated rebellious energy of pop culture. It’s a caricature of those bold and brazen lego kids that aren’t ready to grow up which could be seen through their overdimensioned pieces. Haervaerk’s philosophy or muse was a big part of their « Volume 6 ». We saw neck tattoos, which we loved, and dyed hair matching the carelessness of Haervaerk. We even saw some references to video games which enhanced the creative and playful spirit of this AW19/20 collection.

Photos by Sébastien Hernandez-Bertrand for Enfnts Terribles

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