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Happy 420! We’ve Listed Some Amazing CBD Products You Should Use

Today is ‘four-twenty’ also known as international marijuana day: a day where a lot of weed fans smoke a joint openly in protest against laws making the plant illegal. Historically 420 was a point of time when a group of Californian high-schoolers would meet up and smoke a joint. Now, years later and with a new meaning, 420 has become an unofficial holiday. Even though marijuana is not yet legal in the majority of the world, CBD products are.


Clinical studies prove that the derivative of the Cannabis plant CBD (Cannabidiol) helps with anxiety, pain, and even epilepsy treatments. Overall health benefits and stress relief have been studied and discovered with the use of infused oils, sprays, capsules, and more product lines. That’s why we have listed some must-have CBD beauty products.

Important to know (and a great selling point if you weren’t convinced already): CBD products are mostly vegan, clean, and cruelty-free products.

origins cbd products 420

Origins HELLO, CALM Face Mask

An ultra-hydrating facemask with Cannabis Sativa seed oil from hemp. These rich fatty acids immediately calm the skin, reduce redness, and offers deep nourishment.

Buy the Face Mask via Beauty Bay €30

Nyx lip balm 420 cbd infused

NYX Bare With Me Cannabis Lip Conditioner

Your new go-to lipgloss, apparently. This conditioner offers a smooth lip with hemp-derived Cannabis Sativa seed oil, which helps to hydrate. NYX has a whole line of infused products: from moisturizers to brow gels.

Buy the lipgloss via NYX’s site for €7

kopari deodorant cbd 420 products

Kopari Deodorant CBD

This stick deodorant is CBD oil infused with coconut and sage extracts. The mix of those ingredients offers long-stay protection and reduces irritation. It also calms the skin after shaving and during workouts.

Buy the deodorant via Sephora €18

oil cbd 420 cannabis infused

Herbivore Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil

This oil by Herbivore gives the skin a deep glow and moisture due to the power of Cannabis. Their target concerns are dullness and dryness and on top of that, the oil calms and relaxes the face.

This brand advocates for the legalization of Cannabis, as they say on their website that they heavily believe in the stress, pain, and anxiety relief powers of the plant.

Buy the oil droplet via Herbivore for €40

cbd infused products 420

Milani Cosmetics Green Goddess Hydrating Eyecreme

This creme offers your eye area their daily dose of chill. The formula depuffs and de-stresses the delicate area around the eyes with the help of Cannabis Sativa seed oil. It can also be used as a primer for concealer because it smooths out the skin.

Buy the eye creme on Milani Cosmetics for €16

nomad eyeshadow cbd infused

NOMAD Malibu Surf Shack Palette

This four-piece palette with browns and greens even looks relaxing. The formula has a calming effect on the eyelids and prevents them from drying out and creasing. The CBD helps with these benefits, which make it a unique beauty product to own.

Buy via NOMAD Cosmetics for €17

Photo credits: Origins, NYX Cosmetics, Kopari, Herbivore, Milani Cosmetics, NOMAD, Erik Putz and Marco Verch

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