Hater Dater dating app


Hater Dater: the Dating App That Loves to Hate

We totally read your minds right now… like if there weren’t enough dating apps on the market already. There have never been more ways to meet someone and we’ve never met less people at the same time. Talking about a contradiction. Honestly, we haven’t been really out there. It’s just all a bit overwhelming and to be completely fair, we’re not the biggest fans of online dating either. In our eyes there’s nothing wrong with some old-school face-to-face encounters.

Hater Dater

Of course there were some smartasses who clearly read our minds too. Hater Dater is a dating app that wants to connect people who hate the same stuff. This basically means we can finally get in touch with others who also totally dislike dating apps. As the creators say themselves “Match when you both swipe right so you can hate on everything together”.

The only disadvantage is that some people don’t really seem to get the irony. So if you’re looking for endless options, Tinder might still be the app you’re looking for. A positive side about this story is that only those who do have a slight sense of humor will create a profile. The choice might be limited but you’ll have a larger chance for a real match. From all the dating apps, Hater Dater somewhat gets the sarcasm. The starting point won’t mainly be desperation or lust (by which we don’t mean all dating app users are desperate or horny), you’ll create a profile just because it’s funny. This way the outcome might be even more surprising. To make a long story short, we’ll give it a chance. If you want to know what we hate, find us on haterdater.com!


Hater Dater even keeps statistics… Like the things people who share the same zodiac sign hate. Well, isn’t that just interesting.

Photo credits: Hater Dater

Hater Dater dating app

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