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2 Aug 2017
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Have U Woken up Yet? 5 Tips to Reduce Your Ecological Footprint…

Usually we’d say congrats on a special occasion but today is about the opposite. August 2nd 2017 will go down in history as the day we ran out of this year’s natural resources. Since 1969 mankind finds itself in this downward spiral, our ecological footprint is becoming bigger and bigger. The past 12 years we haven’t even made it to the month of September. Which means that planet earth has to go in overdrive to respond to our needs. Because of massive deforestation, the remaining woods are no longer capable of handling all the greenhouse gasses. Same with overfishing… our oceans can’t properly fulfill their function as the blue longs of this planet.

We could blame the government, large companies, our neighbors or the hamster of aunt Malvina. But most responsible is each and everyone of us. Let’s answer these questions honestly. Who ate at least one portion of meat or fish the past 3 days? Who took the car to go to work or any other destination? You think it doesn’t matter. But do you realize that billions of other people feel the same… Via the app ‘For Good’ you can calculate your own ecological footprint. If even this is too much of an effort, please do take your time to read our tips below. Because all together we might be able to save this beautiful planet.

Eat less meat and fish

As mentioned in the extremely interesting documentary “Before the Flood”… when cows chew they produce methane or CH4. One molecule methane equals 23 molecules of CO2. So eating 1/2 lb. burger is the same as 24 hours of window airconditioning use or 24 miles of driving a Toyota Prius. We’ll not even mention how the animals we’re eating are generally treated. (If you’re interested in how to stop animal cruelty, we can refer to this article.)

If you’d think eating seafood is a great alternative we’ll have to disappoint you. Overfishing destroys the ecosystem in our oceans. In case you didn’t know: oceans produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere. So if you still want your children to be able to breath in the future we’d suggest you have a look at your eating patterns.


Ecological footprint vegan dish
Ecological footprint cleaner transport

Use cleaner transport

Yes, we know… a car is comfortable and you won’t be disturbed by some weirdo sitting next to you. It’s a big part of your freedom and generally you’ll get from point A to B faster. But have you seen how many cars there are on the road the entire day? And how CO2 emissions have increased the past decades? Taking public transport might be a bit of a hustle but time management never harmed anyone.

You might also consider removing the #wanderlust from your Instagram bio. Taking a plane too often (definitely short flights) also harms the environment. For short trips it’s recommended to go by train or bus.

Add energy-saving features to your home

This is generally known information and still we keep on making the same mistakes. Install energy-saving lamps, isolate your homes and choose energy-efficient appliances. Also don’t take a shower longer than necessary and dry your clothes outside whenever possible. All the small things help.

Make less babies

We get that you like children and that you want some of your own. But one of the biggest difficulties we’re coping with on this planet is overpopulation. There are too many mouths to be fed. Before you decide you want a fifth / sixth / seventh /… child, please reconsider.

Consume less

Our society is characterized by over-consumption. We own so many things we don’t need at all. So whenever you’re at the point of buying something new, just remember Phil Colin’s wise words “Think twice”. Amen!

A final note…

Don’t listen to anything Donald Trump has to say about global warming… you will end up terribly disappointed.

Photo credits: The Black Vault, Carbon Brief, WordPress,

Ecological footprint make less babies
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