Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Boots


10 Jan

Hello from Outer Space: Our Thoughts on the Vuitton Archlight Boots

Last May Nicholas Ghesquière introduced us to the Archlight boots during the Louis Vuitton Resort show. The label’s successful sneakers basically got a little remake: same sole, different topping. As you could read here, we got tired of the dad shoe trend. However, for some reason this doesn’t apply to the Vuitton ones. We could convince our dads to wear a pair of Triple S without mentioning the price but the Archlight sneaker is definitely not something they would wear. For everyone’s convenience it got labeled as a certain trend which in fact it’s not.

Beauty in the ugliness

If we’d have to make a movie of the Archlight boots it will look like Beauty, the Beast and E.T. in the remix. On the one hand it’s just an ugly shoe with extraterrestrial airs but that’s exactly what makes the hybrid boots so appealing. Generally, transforming a pair of sneakers into something it’s not, never turns out to be a success. It’s like putting heels under a Timberland boot. Nonetheless, we predict that the Archlight boots might become a fashion week highlight on the streets.

As usual Nicholas Ghesquière is a hero when it comes to styling. The looks of Rila Fukushima, Jaden Smith and Sienna Miller are so on point that it becomes difficult not to fall in love with the boots. Those beige shorts with the white top and over the knee Archlights make us want to go on a safari asap. There’s just one little side note, if your upper thighs are a bit heavier, its best to choose for the lower version since the over the knee ones look rather small.

Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Boots
Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Boots
Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Boots
Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Boots
Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Boots
Louis Vuitton Archlight Sneaker Boots

Photo credits: Louis Vuitton 

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