7 Jan

Here’s Why Fenty Beauty Is All the Beauty World Is Talking About

There’s no denying Rihanna is everywhere but lately, she’s undoubtedly been the talk of the town when it comes to make-up. 2017 will forever be the year she blessed us with Fenty Beauty, and now media outlets all around the globe (including us) can’t help but cover every launch, every new product, every step badgalriri and her Fenty Beauty brand are taking. But how do you explain that? Why is Fenty Beauty all the beauty world is talking about?

The celeb factor

Of course it helps that Rihanna is one of the most popular celebs around. She’s hot and happening, and people want to know who she’s doing, how she’s doing, what she’s doing. Therefore, magazines and media outlets know that covering Rihanna means getting people’s attention.

Also, there’s this idea that everything Rihanna touches turns into gold. She’s an icon, a trendsetter if Rihanna thinks it’s cool, it’s cool. That’s why Fenty Beauty immediately got so much hype around it: with Rihanna’s stamp of approval on every product of the line, people immediately trust it, and they’re willing to go in and spend their hard earned cash on her make-up. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like Rihanna?

It’s easy to say that Fenty Beauty owes its humongous success solely to Rihanna’s fame, but that’s not the case. You see, Rihanna doesn’t just slap her name onto some products and calls it quits. She makes sure that everything matches her brand, her reputation. If it ain’t badass enough, it’s not happening.

Fenty beauty

Rihanna gets it

There are quite some celebrities that have come out with their own make-up line. Kylie Jenner made a million dollar company out of Kylie Cosmetics. And still, she never ever got the buzz that Rihanna got with Fenty Beauty, and that’s because Rihanna gets it.

Rihanna gets what is happening in the world today, she gets what people want and need. She was the first to launch a foundation with an initial range of fourty shades, leaving other brands in shambles and starting a chain reaction that finally woke up the industry. INCLUSIVITY WORKS. Now, other brands are trying to keep up and launch a more diverse shade range as well, which can only be beneficial to the beauty world, but still: Fenty Beauty did that first.

Today, Fenty Beauty launched the new MATTEMOISELLE (that name!) matte lipstick in fourteen all new shades, and Rihanna didn’t come to play it safe. She’s playing it Riri-style. There are nudes, there are pastel rainbow colours, there are vibrant poppy shades, there’s something for everyone. That’s the power of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna: she knows how to cater to everyone, from the more subdued, basic beauty lovers to the edgier, more ballsy make-up addict.

Rihanna is an innovator, Fenty Beauty is an innovator. We’ll even say more: Fenty Beauty is currently one of the only true innovators on the market. Kylie Cosmetics & other brands are cute, but they don’t set trends. They follow. Fenty Beauty creates new rules and keeps the make-up community on its toes. That’s what we need right now, that’s why we expect so much from every new Fenty Beauty launch. And up to now, auntie Riri has been giving it to us every episode. Fenty Beauty is setting the tone for the beauty landscape in 2018, and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her chiffon ruffled sleeve.

Photo credits: Fenty Beauty, @badgalriri

Fenty beauty

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