Lisa Wynen

8 Feb

Hermès Presents Rouge Hermès: First Step Towards the Beauty Industry

You may know Hermès from the Birkin bags and the Carré scarfs, but they’re finally expanding their empire towards beauty. We can expect new beauty products every six months from the luxury label, starting with a lipstick collection to enhance the everyday and to shine a light on personality.

First beauty collection

After 5 years of research and design, the French fashion imperium launches its first lipstick collection with a wide range of colors and shine, Rouge Hermès. Just like all Hermès objects, Rouge Hermès is at one with the house’s values and style. The collection is expressed in 24 colors, 10 in a matte finish and 14 in a satin finish, starting from Rouge Amazone to the signature colors such as the astonishing Orange Boîte.


Today, more than ever, Hermès invests in sustainable development. The fashion label wishes to leave a positive imprint on the world. The roots of their longevity lie in a sense of responsibility, a quest for authenticity and respect for time and natural resources. And it’s not a lie, as the new cover for the Rouge Hermès is sustainable because it’s a refillable object. The mechanism of the cover lets the client refill the lipstick in-store.

The Rouge Hermès lipsticks are hitting the market on 4th of March only in selected Hermès stores around the world.

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