Men's fashion winter staples: high-top beanies


12 Dec

High-top beanies still are a major style staple

A simple beanie can do a lot for you. Remember when your main beanie helped you out on those bad hair days? Yes, it was there for you. Now that temperatures are shifting on us it’s about that time we brought out the high-top beanies! Guys, here’s why you should wear them all while keeping it cool.

How to wear Beanies this winter for guys by Enfnts Terribles

No need to change your style

Sometimes guys just prefer effortless and stylish. Wear it as it pleases you, casual or chic. No need to change your style only for a simple “smurf hat”, as referred to more than once.

As long as you don’t overdo it. It’s all going to be okay.

Stick with neutral options supposing you’d want to mix and match it with other pieces from your wardrobe. However absolutely do not hesitate to buy the ones with an interesting motif or design. Just to keep pace with your bold style at any given time.

High-top beanies are the cherry on top

You’ll find a thousand beanies for guys out there that you think you’ll need. But in reality, a simple high-top beanie in black, blue or grey will do the job. Often it seems that our favorite winter essential is the cherry on top. The ultimate tool to complete the half-hipster look you were going for that day.

Stay warm

What makes this functional style item so exclusive? It has the habit of matching many of your smooth winter outfits. Besides, beanies are the perfect accessory to keep you warm, whether you are on your way to work early in the morning. Or out with friends on a cold night out. Probably that last option will be the case very soon. Since the holiday spirit is alive in almost all the big cities.

Photo credits: Pinterest


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