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Hotspots to Go to During Paris Fashion Week

It is the end of September again, so Paris is calling in the fashion and design industry from all corners of the Earth for the Spring – Summer Womenswear Fashion Week. This special time of year attracts a multitude of international characters who are all looking for the same thing: what are the most talked-about and frequented places during PFW? Enfnts Terribles is happy to publish an easy-to-recommend, verified list of iconic spots around Paris specifically for the week ahead.

Cafe Charlot

Your morning coffee (or mimosa) should begin at Cafe Charlot. Where morning debriefs begin over shared charcuterie boards, this iconic location brings in the masses during fashion week. Located in the heart of Marais, this is a must-try for French food lovers with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Not only will you find yourself based in one of the most exciting fashion districts around Paris, but you will also be surrounded by a charming buzz of industry goers.

Location: 38 Rue De Bretagne, 75003 Paris



Paperboy has a truly unique and intricately-built energy that you can feel once you step foot on Rue Amelot. With collaborations such as New Balance x Paperboy and Beams x Reebok x Paperboy to name a few, this is a spot that calls in a lot of new-wave streetwear lovers. Their menu is stacked with refreshing beverages that will give you a kick-off for whatever your next event may be, and their food selection specializes in fresh, homemade sandwiches that are bound to have you craving one more bite for the next few days. So go over to the one and only location that borders Le Marais and enjoy a great meal and company.

Location: 137 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris

La Chopes Des Artistes

La Chopes Des Artistes is famous among the local art and design communities, so it certainly lives up to its name. This lavish yet refined restaurant and bar warms the heart and stomachs of many new and recurring customers. Having first opened in 1876, this is a space that is rich in history, so its interconnectivity with the present-day is a two-toned event in itself. We recommend you try the crème caramel for a sweet start to the rest of your night.

Location: 48 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Martin, 75010 Paris



This cozy hidden gem is located close to Boulevard Voltaire, and it is one that often has an overflow of people. In its simplicity, it is a place that produces a humble atmosphere fit for anyone seeking a glass of wine and rich and homemade ice cream. Their team is a tight-knit circle of warm and amiable friends that are ready to meet you with your new favorite drinks and entertaining banter.

Location: 10 Rue Du Grand Prieuré, 75011 Paris

Hotel Grand Amour

This hotel is a collection of archival and contemporary works of art. On the ground floor, you’ll find a wonderful dining area that is bustling with candles and colors, a terrace with walls that are sprawling with greenery and a clear view of the sky, as well as a lounge area in the back best fit for music lovers. This is a must-see spot for those who easily love to strike up a conversation and enjoy a good night with open-minded industry workers or clients. There is no room for quiet when moving around the rooms, each bustling with curated tunes and an ambiance that is so romantic you can’t quite think of anything like it.

Location: 18 Rue De La Fidélité, 75010 Paris

Hotel Grand Amour

Le Silencio

Paris’ best-kept secret is a nightclub that is entirely designed by David Lynch. It includes a restaurant, a concert hall, an art library, as well as a private screening room. If you can get your foot in the door, your standards of partying will be raised as it is not just a place to dance; it is a place to experience, from the unique architecture of each room to the eccentric and established clientele. Wander around this underground space and experience Mulholland Drive in the flesh.

Location: 142 Rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

Rue Vieille-du-Temple

It’s hard not to mention the Holy Trinity of PFW bars that reside on Rue Vieille-du-Temple when you ask someone where they should be during this busy week. In the heart of Marais, this cluster is the mecca of artists’ go-tos. There’s no true way to encapsulate what these bars are like, so we’ll give you a one-sentence prompt to get your feet moving in their direction.

1. Le Progres: A terrasse filled with familiar faces.
2. Saint Gervais: This is where you will find the green car.
3. La Perle: Where a moment in fashion history took place—Galliano’s takedown.

Location: Rue Vieille-du-Temple, 75004 Paris


Now that you have our must-visit-hotspots-in-Paris map, prepare yourself for the chaos and magic that is Paris Fashion Week. Pack your best clothes, fill your cups, bring your friends, meet new ones, and watch dreams unfold during this spectacular time of year.


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