21 Mar

How to Basic : Skin Prep 101 – Primers, Bases & Bullshit

Now that we got the basics out of the way when it comes to skincare (you can check up on those here), it’s time to upgrade. If you’ve been implementing the steps discussed before, we can now fine-tune the needs your skin may have. Aaand… this is where primer, bases, serums, you name it, THE WORKS come in. We are living in a day and age where there’s literally a primer for everything. You may not get a text back from bae, but at least skincare, well, cares. Whether your skin is dehydrated, uneven or has some pores who didn’t get the memo that they needed to blend in instead of standing out. Here are some things you can check out for a flawless base, minus the bullshit.

Dehydrated or sensitive

If you notice that your skin starts the day feeling alright but feels dry and/or itchy after you shower, you might benefit from adding an oil to your routine. The oil works as an emollient and this will add a barrier which will slow down moisture loss during the day.

For a more dehydrated skin, you’re better off with adding a serum since a serum will penetrate deeper into the skin for added moisture. Do this after the toner and before your moisturizer for the most benefits. Also, to keep your skin fresh and toned during the day, you can keep a mineralized water-spray in your purse for that extra moisture during the day.

Caudalie eau de beauté, Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional face primer, Glossier priming moisturizer, Laura Mercierprimer

MAC prep + prime essential oil, Estée Lauder advanced night repair

Texturized or oily

Texturized skin with unruly pores might benefit from a makeup primer with a little bit of silicone in it for a smoother base. Benefit’s POREfessional is a staple for this since it smoothes out the skin without giving flashback in your Instagram-picture (which is very important). Or try a setting spray with soothing properties. Like my personal holy grail Eau De Beauté by Caudalie.

Oily skin can benefit from a mattifying primer mixed in or under your foundation. Laura Mercier is the go-to brand for this. “But, do I really need a pri—” YEEESSSS you do bish! Don’t even finish that thought. Even if you don’t wear makeup, add that Glossier priming moisturizer on top and your skin will reward you with flawless pictures.

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