How to become a social media star


How to Become a Social Media Star?

The era where celebs needed to have a talent is officially over. This weird evolution started with reality TV shows where regular people just had to be themselves. None of the episodes were ever funny, nothing really happened and still everyone kept on watching. Just the idea you were following the not-so-daily lives of someone who could be your neighbor seemed to be enough. With the rise of the Internet and mobile phones, this trend only accelerated. Anyone can turn him or herself into a social media star, it’s practically a piece of cake.

The World Wide Web

It doesn’t matter what you can do, as long as you have something interesting to say and your followers are actual, living human beings. On the World Wide Web you can create your own identity. A bit of Photoshop, a nice filter here, some Airbrushing there and you’re done. Even the daughter of the aunt of the woman who lives in your street can become an online celeb. It’s an advantage if you’re good with make-up and have a six-pack but that’s not even essential. What’s most important is what you appear to be and how many followers you have, the rest is irrelevant.

How to become a social media star

How to become a social media star?

We were so kind to make a list of our favorite tips… you never know when you’ll need them!

– First of all make sure your feed is on point! Steal some pictures from people who actually know how to use a camera, always the same filter,… you know the drill.

– Watch all the fashion shows and go to Zara afterwards to buy the items they copied. Save the rest of your money and spend it on an It-bag or two so you can at least use a few popular hashtags. It’s completely irrelevant whether you really are interested in fashion, just fake it til you make it.

– Working out always works, a hot body is more important than a hot mind! So never ever forget to take pictures while you’re running, exercising at the gym or in a weird yoga pose.

– The less clothes you wear the more followers you will gain. (If you don’t mind having followers who would rather be on top of you than actually liking your pictures.)

– Post some completely foolish quotes in a nice font from time to time like Saturyay or Friyay.

– Go to famous accounts and follow / unfollow their followers. Why do you think the daughter of the aunt of the woman who lives on your street is always on her phone?

– If you’re really in need of instant popularity you can always consider buying some followers, likes and even comments. But then we must say you’re kinda desperate and maybe in need of a shrink…

Photo credits: GotCeleb, Muppets


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