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As an online magazine at the beginning of world domination, we often have to travel. Most of the time we are traveling to cities like Paris, Berlin, London and — you guessed it — Amsterdam. When it comes to Amsterdam, we have a few hotels we absolutely love. Recently we discovered The Hoxton hote, near the city center of the Dutch city.

We fell in love with the hotel as soon as we entered the magnificent restaurant and cocktail bar. The restaurant, Lotti’s, is run in partnership with Soho House & Co and is the first thing you see when you enter the Hoxton hotel. The beautiful vintage interior definitely stole our hearts. This is without a doubt one of our all time favorite hotels. Let’s break it down.


The Hoxton hotel is located in Amsterdam’s city center on the Herengracht. You couldn’t ask for a better location when in Amsterdam if you ask us. The Herengracht is one of Amsterdam’s four main canals. It’s most known for its gorgeous old houses.

The Hoxton itself  is a gorgeous building existing of five canal houses, facing the canal. The building once was home to the mayor, way back in the 17th century. Now it houses 111 rooms spread across five floors with plenty of quirks, including some monumental ceilings and lots of canal views.


Like we said before, the Hoxton houses 111 rooms. There are a few differences between certain rooms. There are rooms with a canal view, cozy rooms, roomy rooms and shoebox rooms (a single person bedroom with just one bed in it). We mostly opt for the roomy rooms. Which is a room with a double bed and a little desk. A canal view is nice, but it gets expensive when staying in a room with a canal view.

Breakfast at the Hoxton

At the Hoxton they do things a little different. When entering your room you find a little paper bag on your desk. You then need to fill in a few things on the bag, like how many breakfast boxes you need at what time etc. The system is very easy. Before going to bed, you need to leave the paper bag at your door. The staff will then fill the bag with a breakfast box and leave it at your door at the time you asked them to.

We kind of love the system as it is very easy for people who are in a hurry. The only downside to it are the small breakfast boxes. It only contains a banana, a juice and a little cup of yogurt.

Price/quality ratio

We’re going to be completely honest with you. The Hoxton hotel isn’t cheap. Prices go from 150 to 500 euro per night. Keeping in mind that the breakfast isn’t that big, it’s expensive to stay at the hotel. We assume you have to pay the price for staying in the middle of Amsterdam’s city center.


People at the Hoxton are extremely friendly. It might be part of the atmosphere, but everything seems to be very smooth and easy going. The staff, obviously, speaks perfect English and is always happy to help whomever they can help. We really don’t have anything bad to say about the service, to be honest.

Photo credits: theavantguardian.com, The Hoxton Hotel



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