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11 Oct 2019

Hubert Lenoir: “I Don’t Want to Add Another Pile of Shit to the Internet”

Rock is a genre that’s often getting labelled as a genre where diversity is not really welcomed. However, dozens of rock icons have shown us that this is wrong and that they create an interesting character around their persona. One of the newest examples for this is the Canadian glam-rocker Hubert Lenoir. After his celebrated set at DOUR Festival, he told us more about the meaning of his album and where the slightly bizarre story comes from.

How was the show?

It was great and the crowd was really good. It was only our second time performing in Belgium. So, it was really nice to see so many people in front of the stage.

You’ve recently released a new album. How happy are you about finally performing it?

I love playing the album live, but I also love to have this kind of separation between the sound of the album. When making the album, I felt that I didn’t want to tour with it. To have the same sound like on the album, I would need a lot of musicians which is very expensive and I was afraid it would be too complicated. But when the album came out, people wanted me to do shows and things started to blow up. Somebody convinced me to do live shows and a little bit later… we’re here.

When I was making the album, I was really enjoying the seventies sound and the pop music of this era, so I wanted to make an album like Fleetwood Mac. In the live show, I want to move away from that and do something more rock and punk. People in the crowd really want to see me get aggressive…

The Best Festival Looks from Dour 2019

Hubert Lenoir

Darlène is your first album. What did you want to show with the album?

At first, I didn’t consider it as my first album, because I just wanted to make a record. It’s something a lot of artists don’t do because people from the industry want to use an album as a marketing tool. I compare it with being a filmmaker. When someone makes their first movie, they want to tell a story and that’s the same case for musicians like me. I just wanted to make an album and wasn’t thinking about it being my debut.

Darlène is based on a very sad and tragic story. Give us a little bit more context on the story and the reason why you chose to give it a musical interpretation.

Noémie wrote a book and I made the album for it. The book and the album were written at the same time. The story comes from her novel and is the story of a girl named Darlène. She’s living in a poor neighborhood and is walking through the streets without really something to do. She’s meeting this American boy from Vermont, who wants to jump from a huge waterfall and die. The story is about the weeks that follow after they’ve met.

The album has received some important prizes. Were you overwhelmed by that?

Good critics are really nice, but winning an award really is something. I wasn’t expecting that. Because, yes, my music is popular in Quebec, but I was competing with big-selling artist. Winning in those categories was definitely overwhelming, but it was fun. People thought that I was really cool about it, but I’m really glad that I won.

You’re a very eccentric person and aren’t shy to experiment with your style. Where did you get your inspiration fashion-wise?

I guess I’m just wearing the stuff that I want to wear, but I try to see it in a way of taking myself back to when I was a kid. I remember, I would go to my parents’ bedroom and take some of my mother’s jewelry and take some of my father’s jackets, suits, etc. I wasn’t thinking about fashion or a trend, and just wore stuff I thought looked good. Nowadays, I love to see that in the same way and be free to just wear what I want. At a young age, we’re very pure, but then society starts putting weight on you. As you grow up, you have to learn to take this weight off and become a kid again.

The Best Festival Looks from Dour 2019

Hubert Lenoir

You’ve already mentioned  it, but you’ve got new music coming soon. What can we expect from that?

I’d like to release songs. I have a project that’s coming out. I love albums and will release some more in the near future. There’s that thing in music… a lot of bands and artists just want to release songs, but I think it’s kind of hard to tell a whole story in a song. The format of an album, which is about 35 minutes, gives you the space to really dig into a story. Maybe I’m an old soul, but I don’t want release a song, just to release a song. We live in this internet age, where there’s a lot of shit. I want to make music that matters and not just something random. I don’t want to add another pile of shit to the internet.

Photos by Gonca Akbaba

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