Maxim Meyer-Horn

7 Sep 2020

Hurts: “Music Is a Good Way to Confront Ourselves With Our Problems”

After a couple of years of experimenting with different genres, the British duo Hurts goes back to their roots and returns to the dark pop that made them famous all over the world. Since Hurts’ fifth studio album ‘Faith‘ comes out today, we had a phone call with singer and songwriter Theo Hutchcraft who gave us some context about his epic new record.

Faith is your fifth album and comes out ten years after your debut Happiness. In what way is it different to release an album in 2020 compared to 2010?

It’s totally different. The whole music industry, the world, and we as people have changed. I think it’s amazing that we’ve been given the chance to get this far because we didn’t know how far our first album would take us. The fact that we’ve had all this support by our fans, meant that we could make this album, which is some of the best music we made I think.

It’s a difficult time to release an album with everything that’s going on, so it feels quite strange, but I’m glad we’re going ahead with it because I feel that people connect with it.

Did the evolution of music consumption have an impact on how you approached the album process?

It’s really hard to say because when we make albums, we just try to make the music we like or feel connected to. We do make pop music, so our influences automatically change over time, which doesn’t necessarily mean that we change because of how music is consumed now. We always believed that people have a better attention span than they get credit for. People do have time to listen to an album and do have the patience, so I think our new album will connect to people.

Faith is your most personal album to date. Are you still scared to share all these stories with the whole world?

It is scary. Making the decision to express yourself and tell people about yourself, which is very personal, is hard. It can be very nerve-wracking doing it but it was a way to help myself through the problems I was having and confront myself with the things that were going on. When we’ve done it in the past, we felt that the songs did something to our fans too and that makes me feel better because that means someone feels the same way as I did or do. It goes both ways. The fans can relate to what we sing about, but we can also relate to the stories they’re telling us.

The new album sounds a lot more like your first two albums. Did you use all these dark sounds to enhance the feelings of your songs?

It was kind of natural. When we start making an album, we never really know what we’re going to do. We just start writing music and go ahead with whatever feels right. Part of it is from what was going on in our lives and it was very reflective.

Is that also the reason why you went back to making darker visuals for this album?

We always want to present things in a very simple and minimal way. Our taste is quite like that and presenting things in a black-and-white way means that all the music has the color, energy, and light in it. It just felt like a natural thing to do.

Hurts seems to reinvent itself with every project. How important is evolution and innovation for you as respected artists?

It’s to keep challenging ourselves and make it fun. It’s also just to be honest. What we wanted to do over these ten years was to show people who we are as people and what our taste is. When you get the chance to make five albums, you can really show people what you want to do. If we’d make the same music over and over again, it would feel as if we were lying and it wouldn’t be truthful. We try to embark on our musical journey and take risks because that’s essential if you’re doing something creative.

In what dimension did you challenge yourselves for this project specifically?

We challenged ourselves to really get within and make an album that’s really raw and honest. We also wanted to try new things because there are plenty of songs that are completely different from the songs we’ve written before.

Which song of the new album is closest to your heart and why?

There’s a song called “All I Have To Give”, which is extremely personal and honest from my point of view. That’s probably as open as I will ever be in a song about my life and my feelings. In terms of songs that are my absolute favorites, I guess I’d go for “Slave For Your Love” and “Darkest Hour”. It’s going to be interesting to learn what other people’s favorites are and what they actually think about the songs.

In 2021, you’re (hopefully) going on tour. What can people expect from the new live show?

We’ve got five albums worth of material, so it’s hopefully our biggest show to date. The last tour we did, was in my opinion the best shows we’ve ever played because people have listened to our music for a long time now and they have taken a whole new meaning. We know that it’s a bit of a strange time to announce a tour, but we’re hopeful that we can tour and play all our songs live again.

Hurts’ new album ‘Faith’ is out now. 

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