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28 Apr

Interview: Bishop Briggs Took Us Behind the Scenes of Her Coachella Weekend

The Scottish-American singer Bishop Briggs (known for hits like “River” and “White Flag”) had some amazing moments these past few weeks. After revealing her pregnancy and releasing her new singles “High Water” and “Art of Survival”, she took to the stage at Coachella and was kind enough to take us behind the scenes during the weekend. We can now exclusively share the pics of her celebrated performance and had a written interview about the legendary festival and new music.

What was your first reaction when you got the call that you were on the lineup of Coachella?

I just remember lots and lots of screaming followed by even more screaming. All in a good way, of course!

How did you prepare your set for such an iconic festival?

I really wanted to take into consideration the people who maybe hadn’t heard of me before and what songs could be a good introduction to let people in on who I am. It felt important to keep the energy high but also maintain the intimacy and vulnerability of a smaller show.

How would you summarize the Coachella experience in general?

NERVE-WRACKING, CATHARTIC, HEAVY, BEAUTIFUL, AND SURREAL. I don’t know why I chose to write in all caps, but it felt necessary. It was every emotion all at once. I also performed two brand-new songs (“Art of Survival” and “High Water”) that are extremely close to my heart, which added to the anticipation of the day.

What’s your most memorable moment of the backstage area? Did you meet any artists you idolize?

I briefly got to meet Role Model, who was an angel and someone whose music I’ve been listening to lately. The most memorable moment would have to be balancing a plate of food from catering on my pregnant belly! I’ve had catering and shows for years, but this was the first time with a little baby.

What was your favorite show of the weekend—apart from your own set?

I mean … when Harry Styles performed with Lizzo?! Epic.

You performed “High Water” for the first time in front of a big audience. Was it difficult to sing this song live?

It really was. I cried before the song began, during, and after! As you know, Coachella is in the desert where it’s dry, and, generally, winds don’t come until later in the evening. After that song, in the middle of the day, there was a huge gust of wind—right when the song ended—and it felt like a little “hello” from my sister.

In what way is your next body of work different from your two previous albums?

This next body of work feels bigger and bolder. I really feel as though I experienced my nightmare these past few years, and the way that translates into my music is a fearlessness that I’ve never had before.

Is performing a good way to test out new music, or does that scare you?

It is a great way to test new music. I feel the crowd has strong intuition and reactions when something is connecting. I always listen to them! It is definitely scary, but I try to turn it into excitement.

2022 seems to be a promising year. What are you planning to do next?

2022 does have a good ring to it! I want to release more music, make a continuous effort with my neighbor’s cat in the hopes that she falls in love with me, and I’m having a little baby in the summer!

“High Water” and “Art of Survival” are out on all platforms

Pictures by Bishop Briggs, Jessica Earnshaw, and Samantha Corrie Schulman

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