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6 Aug

Interview: Briston Maroney Is Our New Indie Rock Darling

Nashville is the capital of country music, but it’s also the place where 21-year-old American singer Briston Maroney discovered his undeniable love for music. Growing up with divorced parents, he lived in Florida and Tennessee but it was his new home town that had the biggest impact on his sound. With three EP’s out, the charismatic artist is touring the world and had the chance to tour with Wallows through Europe. Right before the last show of the tour, we talked to the upcoming singer and discussed his music.

Hey Briston, how are you?

Good! I’m doing great, but I’m also a little bit tired… I’m sad, because in fact, it’s also the last night of the tour.

You’ve been on tour with Wallows for two weeks. How has this experience been?

It was so awesome and once in a lifetime. They have been so kind to me! It was my first time playing concerts in Europe, so that was such a cool experience.

A month ago, you released your new EP Indiana. What’s the concept of the project?

It’s really just four songs that came out of a time where I moved. I was living in Florida with my mom, and it’s about me moving to Nashville. On the songs, I’m talking about the change that came along with moving and just ‘change’ in general.

The EP is a nice piece of indie rock. Do you have a main inspiration that triggered your sound throughout the writing process of Indiana?

I love indie rock and am super nerdy about it. There are a lot of indie rock bands I love, like The Districts or Wallows. But I’m also into Americana-acts like Jason Isbell and Kacey Musgraves, who’s extremely popular at the moment. I think my music is kind of a blend of all this.

What’s for you the most rewarding thing when making music?

I think just stuff like this. Getting the chance to meet so many new people and getting to play a show where people are excited and feel that they are part of it is insanely rewarding.

How did you actually end up on this big tour with Wallows?

Dude, I got super lucky! I got to meet them in Los Angeles, when I was out there visiting some friends. We ended up working with the same management company and it all just worked out really nicely. Then, they needed a support act and I just started working with the management, so it all came together…


You debuted back in 2017. How would you describe your road up until now?

I’ve had a lot of luck. I’ve been incredibly lucky for things that went how it happened. I’ve got so many opportunities to play and I’ve been healthy and safe enough to get to chase this. I couldn’t ask for anything to go differently, it’s been awesome! I just wished that I would have journaled more in these past two years and written down some specific things. Sometimes, I just want to slow down and stop for a moment to fully enjoy it. I think the best thing you can do during a trip like this is to live in the moment and have the memory for later.

Are there things you will always remember about these crazy two weeks of touring? 

Actually, it’s a hard question, but it’s been great. We’ve spent so much time in a van and we’ve been joking around like all the time. On this tour, I was living my dream and it’s been so cool to leave the venue and see so many people who wanted to party. Last night, we were in Paris and everybody was so crazy, we had to run away. (laughs)

What about new music?

I definitely have new music. I never want to be in the spot where we put music out, and that’s every song. I always like to have ten or some songs in my back pocket at all time. We got to record a couple of singles in London and that was extremely fun. This year, I’ll keep my focus on touring, and next year, I’ll be finishing my first full-length album.

Sounds like there are some fun times ahead! Thanks Briston and see you soon!

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