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4 Jul

Interview: girl in red Gave Us Insight into Her Tour Life and Her Next Record

We last spoke to girl in red a year ago, when the world was still completely different. She had just released her debut album ‘if i could go make it quiet’, for which she graced our digital cover. Since then, she has become even more popular, and we were finally able to speak to her in person. In our interview backstage at Rock Werchter she talked about her life as a role model and how far along she is with her next album.

We finally meet you in real life. How are you?

I’m feeling good. I just did some interviews and had my breakfast—shepherd’s pie, which is not very breakfasty.

It’s the return of the big festivals. Have you missed performing in front of so many people?

I definitely missed the crazy crowds, but I kind of have another experience of festivals because I can’t shower in these weird showers and can’t use weird restrooms everywhere. I definitely miss the comfort of concert venues, but overall, I would say I’m happy to be back at festivals.

Was it a big shift for you from being stuck at home to going on tour again? 

Not really. I was making the record when everything with covid was happening. For some reason, it feels like it was the only thing I was doing at that time. Now, it’s different because someone just tells me I have to show up at the airport, and we’ll fly somewhere to play a show. Just take me wherever, and I’ll do whatever.

In our digital cover story, you told us there’s a big difference between the time you had your dog Luna and after. Would you say there’s also a difference between the time before your debut album and after?

I think so. I still feel like me but also feel like I have more to show for. I actually have an album out in the world that performed in a certain way. I feel different in that sense but also still feel like Marie. I still feel like I need to prove myself and still want to make something that is really cool.

Does it overwhelm you to see how much your music means to people now that you’re able to perform in front of your fans?

Sometimes. It shocks me to see that people know who I am. I just did an interview on this sort of balcony, and people were like spotting me. It’s so weird to see that people recognize me, so I think that’s the overwhelming part. For example, being at the airport and someone asking me for a picture. I’m still very grateful that people like my music.

Do you experience pressure knowing that you’re a role model to so many people? 

Not really. I personally think that people are putting too much stuff in, for example, their favorite actor, and they expect that person to be a spokesperson for everything that’s happening in the world. There are role models who haven’t said anything about, for example, Roe V Wade yet (editor’s note: an overturned decision that protected the liberty to choose to have an abortion in the U.S.). I didn’t do that yet either, but that’s not because I do not care.

You don’t want to be too political?

Being political is important, but you don’t have to be everything all at once. In a way, I think I’m not the worst role model, but I also want people to remember that no one is perfect. You just have to try to be yourself without putting too much on other people.

Performing is a big part of being an artist. Would you say your songwriting has changed now that you know which songs work well on stage?

Not really because the newer stuff is softer. I also like to write songs that sometimes pop off live too so that doesn’t really affect my songwriting. I kind of don’t even know what’s happening in my process. My new thing is not overthinking anything and just doing stuff. If I want to make this, I’m going to make that. I feel fully free.

How far are you in the process of the next project?

Not far enough, in my opinion. I’m still working on it and trying to figure out the best ideas to make the best record.

Photo credits: Robin Joris Dullers

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