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21 Jul

Grace Carter: “Music Has Been Something Very Therapeutic For Me”

Enfnts Terribles is always looking for young, interesting artists that are ready to become global sensations. One of them is the British singer Grace Carter. The 22-year-old singer debuted in 2017 with her massive single “Silence”, that already showed us that she won’t be silent after all. Two years later, we met the singer backstage at Rock Werchter and finally got some tea about her upcoming debut album…

Hi Grace, you just came off stage and opened the last day of Rock Werchter. How was it?

It was amazing and so good. I didn’t know what to expect, because we did Glastonbury yesterday and had an early flight this morning. I was very tired, but was so happy that so many people showed up and some were even singing the words. I’ve been in Belgium once before for a small show and it’s so nice to see that people are enjoying my music.

Do you prefer the intimate shows or the big crowds?

It’s a very different experience. When you’re doing an intimate show, you can see people’s emotion, faces and reactions. Standing on a big stage just feels epic, because in my music, I truly love the big sounds. I feel like it is elevated on a big stage.

Big stages are coming for sure, because you became third in BBC’s Sound of 2019. Did that put any pressure on you?

I just don’t ever think about that. The main thing for me is that I want to have a good time. I’ve been writing music since I was twelve, so it was an honor to get such a place in the Sound of 2019 poll. I didn’t expect it, so I’m kind of taking it day by day and try to have as much fun as possible.

Your debut single “Silence” was released two years ago. Give us a quick overview on what has changed in that period.

Everything in my life has changed and I can’t count the unforgettable memories on two hands. I left school not that long ago and went straight into music. Ever since I released my first song, I’ve been on tour with different people or just myself. I’m travelling all the time and my life has changed into the best thing possible. I’m 22 years old, which is still very young, and I miss my mom. It’s hard sometimes, but I’m in such a blessed position. I can share my story with people all over the world and that’s just crazy to me.

You’re always sharing quite personal stories, but doesn’t that make it difficult to perform them in front of a big crowd?

Yeah, for sure! Being on stage can give you a very vulnerable feeling, but instead of seeing it as a difficulty, I’m trying to turn it into a beautiful thing. I’ve been vulnerable and people in front of me, hopefully, connect with it. There’s a lot of strength in that and I hope it just brings the people in the crowd and myself together.

You’ve been on tour with big acts like Dua Lipa, HAIM and Rag’N’Bone Man. Did any of them give you some advice?

I’ve learnt so much from them. Obviously, we’re human and it can be hard to be away from home sometimes, so you build your own family on tour. You just have to try to enjoy it as much as possible and put a smile on your face. Be nice to everyone and have as much fun as you can. They’ve all been a massive part of my career so far, so I’m very grateful to have them.

You’ve been raised by your mother and she’s still playing a big part in your life. Do you try to give her something back with your music?

Of course. Me and my mom are super close and we always have been. We’ve been through so many hard times together. So, just the fact that I get to take the stage every night, having been through all these things and turn it into something positive by celebrating life. She’s just proud of me and telling our story on stage shows that we’re growing together from something quite negative. I try to see her as much as I can, but it’s obviously hard when I’m away from home all the time.


You’re part of a quickly evolving group of young female artists just like Mahalia. How do you support each other?

I know Mahalia since we were super young, so it’s nice to be rising up at the same time as her because we knew each other before we were doing this. It’s just nice to be in a group of girls who support each other, respect each other’s music and do our own things but still come together to celebrate each other.

Wouldn’t it be nice to collaborate all together and make a big project?

I’d be so down for sure! With Mahalia especially, just because we have this friendship and know each other for such a long time, it would be such a powerful thing. We’ve been through a lot and know a lot of each other’s life, so I’d be so down for writing a song together.

Your songs have been picked up by the radio stations this year. Do you think radio is still important in times when music consumption totally changes?

It’s crazy, because in comparison to like ten years ago, the whole format of how people consume music is completely different. Radio still plays a big part for sure and being in the radio playlists is still really cool, but obviously with streaming, there’s a change. One of my songs just hit over 19 million streams on Spotify and I was like: “When did that happen? Where are these people from? I want to meet them all!” There are so many different routes for people to discover music, which is a very exciting thing.

You’ve been teasing your debut album for a while now, but we need some tea on that!

It’s definitely still in progress and we’re still trying to figure it all out because I want it to be as good as it can be. I wrote a lot of the songs for it when I was sixteen, but I’m twenty-two now and I’m currently figuring out how I want to share my stories. Music has been something very therapeutic for me and has always been something where I was talking about my childhood. Where I was growing up with my single mom, without my dad. It’s about exploring all of that and I think it’s taking me a while, but I’m going to get there for sure. I’m making it with two of my closest friends and it’s very anthemic. Big sounding, emotional pop songs.

This fall, you’re going on tour with Lewis Capaldi. Do you have some other tour plans this year?

Yes, absolutely. We’re touring the whole summer and playing many festivals. We’re going to Japan, Bali, Korea, America, … so I’m busy this summer. After my tour with Lewis Capaldi, I hopefully get back on tour myself at some point…

Thanks Grace and have fun this summer! We can’t wait for the album!


Photos by Maxim Meyer-Horn for Enfnts Terribles


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