27 Mar

Interview: Iceland’s Next Pop Star Glowie Tells Us More About Her New Song ‘Cruel’

She is 22 years old, comes from Iceland and makes fantastic pop songs, Glowie is definitely here to stay! After winning a singing competition during her college time, the beautiful singer worked on her first song and it became the singer’s first hit in her home country. Three years later, Glowie released her incredible bop “Body” which made waves all over the world and landed her shows on some big showcase festivals. This year, she aims to take it even further and is ready to secure her spot at the top.

Hi Glowie, first of all… Happy (belated) Birthday! How was your day yesterday?

It was really nice and chill. I’ve spend some time with my boyfriend, went out and had some nice food. It was really, really nice.

You gifted yourself a new release last week. How happy are you about your new song “Cruel”?

Yeah, it’s been really exciting and we had some really great reactions. It’s so nice that the song is finally out, because I’m already performing the song for over one and a half years now. I’m really excited to be able to finally share it with the world.

The song is written by Tayla Parx. How did you get the song?

Basically, the song was pitched to the label, but afterwards I actually got to meet the producer Oscar Görres and Tayla. I had a conversation with them about the song and the message behind it and instantly fell in love with it. I connected to the song strongly and had to do something with it. It is such a strong track and it’s about a subject I really want to talk about. The song is really emotional and captures that feeling of being confused and frustrated by the cruelty in the world. And I think that’s something we really should talk about.

Last year, “Body” became your first international hit and even has a fun remix with Saweetie. What’s the main message of the song?

The message of the song can be understood in many ways, but for me personally I wanted the song to be about me talking about my own body and being super confident. I wanted it to be about body positivity instead of something sexual or talking about someone else.

You’re from Iceland and scored your first hits there. What does Iceland mean to you?

It’s my home country and I grew up there. It’s very personal, because it has a small population, which makes it very different to London, where I live now for already ten months now. It has been a big change, but I go back to Iceland every now and then to ground myself and get some peace and quite.

We aren’t really familiar with the Icelandic music scene. Who would you advise us to listen to?

There are so many great musicians from Iceland. I think the most famous one is definitely Björk. So, I really would recommend her because she is simply amazing. I would also advise you to listen to Of Monsters and Men as they are one of my favorite bands.

You’re currently travelling a lot to work on new music and promote the songs. What has been the most fun experience yet?

I have been travelling, but not too much. I’ve been to Stockholm a couple of times, that’s always been really amazing because I really love the city. It’s a little bit closer to where I’m from and it’s always fun to go there.

What are your goals or plans for 2019?

I think it’s just to get some music out and keep performing. Trying to reach further and further to my goal in being an artist and I recently started writing poetry. I wanna get more into that as well and even publish some of my poems. So I guess the main goal is to keep going forward.

Thank you so much and hopefully see you soon!

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