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25 Jan

Interview Ider: “We’re a Little Bit Witchy”

Megan Markwick and Lily Sommerville not only share a flat, but also their passion for music. The London-based duo has been touring all year to promote their great debut ‘Emotional Education’, which saw them collaborate even closer. IDER is all about feeling a connection and sticking together. Hours before they opened for Norwegian pop star Sigrid, we sat down with them.

You’re connected with each other when it comes to music. In what other ways are you connected with each other?

Megan: We’re very good friends and have the same sense of humor. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind and is probably the most important one. When you have a long working relationship, you have to be able to laugh with one another. We can also finish each others sentences and pick up vibes. We’re a little bit witchy.

How did you build that trust in one another when it comes to performing?

Megan: We practiced with that trust challenge where you have to catch each other when falling backwards and then she dropped me. No, for real. What do we do?

Lily: There was definitely a natural chemistry when we first met and sang together. Performing is something we both loved doing individually, and when we met we really had that strong connection, so it was natural taking it into our performance space. The more our friendship and work accumulation had developed, the more our songwriting and performance became better. That all goes hand in hand. When you write, there’s an element of trust and understanding the movement or dynamic between each of us. There’s a lot of looking in the eyes, which comes from singing and writing together.

You released your debut album Emotional Education. What do you want people to learn about you when listening to the album?

Megan: I think, the biggest thing is that we would like people to feel connected and to feel less alone. We want people to know that it happens to all of us. It might sound a bit as a cliché, but it’s amazing to see how many amazing messages we get and to hear all the stories of fans that come to us after a show. I think that’s because we share ours in a very explicit and direct way and there’s a lot of power and vulnerability. I think only recently, people are starting to understand that in our society and to see that you are more powerful when you’re more vulnerable makes you able to connect to way more people. We’d like people to feel that way and not feel alone in their vulnerability and power.

When you write songs together, is it sometimes difficult to open up to each other about certain topics?

Lily: I think so. We always got there in the end, but only in the same way it is sometimes difficult to open up to yourself about certain things. It is that feeling of not admitting something to yourself or not being able to be honest to yourself. I guess that in a way, our friendship has allowed us to be more explicit and bring that out of each other. Sometimes, you do feel a little bit shy to be open, but that’s natural.

Our favorite song on the album is “Wu Baby”. What’s the story behind the song?

Megan: The song is about that feeling when you first start falling for someone or the start of a relationship or basically you’re just obsessed with someone. You really recognize the danger in that and you know that you’re going to lose yourself in order to fall for that other person. As great as it is, there’s a bit of a cynical idea in “Wu Baby”. Falling in love is never a good idea, because you know yourself and know there’s only one way out. Either you die together to be extreme or you’re going to be extremely heartbroken. You know you might end up in tears, but you really want it. You want that danger.

You’ve collaborated with H&M to launch a merch line. How did that come together?

Lily: I’m actually wearing it right now. Well, H&M does this amazing thing where they support upcoming artists and we got approached. We were asked to do it and obviously collaborated with them. It’s really cool because they are the leading fast-fashion brand that works in a sustainable way. They became a conscious brand, which focusses on durability and does a lot of collaborations. It’s really an exciting opportunity for us to work with them. It’s the first time, we were able to design clothes apart from our own merchandise.

Photos by Anaïs Shooter for Enfnts Terribles.

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