032c X Jerome Boateng for Bread&&Butter by Zalando


21 Sep 2018
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Joerg & Maria Koch from 032c Talk Work, Their Latest Capsule Collection and More

We had the opportunity to meet Joerg Koch and Maria Koch, founders of the 032c magazine. During the Bread&Butter event by Zalando, we sat down and talked with the two founders about starting 032c and their latest capsule collection they designed for German footballer Jérôme Boateng. Plus, they also spilled some tea about a future ready-to-wear collection they are working on.

We read a lot of interviews, but we want to hear it from you, how did you guys start the 032c magazine?

JK: If you call that a success… It resides in a mixture of stupidity and ambition. Stupidity in a sense of you just keep on working and believing in what you do. And if you’re lucky, somebody recognizes and acknowledges it… that’s like the sense of ambition. You can get something out of it if you really aim high. For me, that’s basically how the magazine started. We kept on doing that type of stuff. At the time there was a very specific Berlin condition because nobody would offer us a job. So basically everything we had was time. You know, people in London or New York would invest capital to start up something. We just invested time. And I think you can really see it with our products or the magazine. We’re not your typical magazine. Nothing is moodboarded, there are no researched JPEGs from the internet or Pinterest.

You guys have done a lot of editorials with inspiring/famous people. Bella Hadid, Frank Ocean, etc…  How do you know it’s the right call for your production?

MK: When we pick someone, it’s pretty simple. We just reach out and find a fitting concept, styling and photographer and so on.

Where do you see 032C heading in the future?

JK: This is like a question from an assessment center right? Where you ask us what we’ll do in five or ten years (laughs). Well, we don’t have a fucking clue. I think it comes back to the sense of stupidity and ambition. With ambition, we mean that we want to excel at the level where we are. We always wanted to do something greater, we strive for more more more. But there’s no master plan to say that we want to be a real estate development agency in five years or to launch a restaurant. Also, we’re always open for new opportunities. For instance, we can talk now and out of that something could happen and then our five-year plan would be fucked. We’re a bit like an alligator. We’re floating, doing our stuff and if something comes our way we catch it.

MK: Let me give you an example. The first week of November, we’re launching a womenswear ready-to-wear collection. It’s very interesting for us to work on that collection and finding new ways to present that.

032c X Jerome Boateng for Bread&&Butter by Zalando
032c X Jerome Boateng for Bread&&Butter by Zalando

And how about keeping your life in balance. Can you keep a healthy balance between work and your ME-time which is very important? Or do you consider yourself a workaholic and just live with it?

MK: When you work together for 24hrs and you don’t have this discrepancy of ooh you don’t focus on me. You don’t need to worry about that. We are doing great and we have a lot on our plate. But we wanted to have this plate so full and we’re very aware of that. There’s no complaining because it’s never at a critical level.

JK: Maybe in five years we’ll be doing relationship counseling (laughs). No, it all comes down to one thing. It’s more important to say no than yes.

How did your collaboration with Bread&&Butter kickoff?

MK: We met Jérôme Boateng two years ago. He came to our apartment and we really liked each other and we were playing with the idea of working together. Around two years later Bread&&Butter came around and asked us to do something with Jérôme.

JK: I wasn’t there so I couldn’t fuck it up… It’s only later that Jérôme Boateng had the great idea to suggest us as a collaborative partner. It took some time, but we’re here now. Sometimes things do take time and when you come back to that five-year plan. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.

What is your message to your audience after they see that you’ve collaborated with B&&B?

MK: For me, it’s about being open-minded because a lot of people didn’t expect that we’d do something with Jérôme Boateng. It’s not about what other people expect of you. It’s more about what you think is a stronger energy and something that you would like to do.

JK: These are all just fun pieces to wear. This collection was all about creating an intelligent capsule collection that relates to the life of Jérôme and we made sure it would be something he’d like to wear.

What is your advice to young creatives trying to make an impact in this over-saturated market?

JK: DON’T HAVE HEROES, otherwise it becomes quite overexpressed. When you talk about looking up to someone. There’s no need for it! People should be able to do their own thing and extract something meaningful out of what we are doing and not just copy it.

MK: Yes, indeed! Just do proper research and don’t have like this… in German we say “Ein Vorbild”. I never had an example.

Have a look at the 032c x Jérôme Boateng capsule collection designed by Joerg and Maria Koch available at Bread&&Butter by Zalando.

Joerg & Maria Koch from 032c Talk Work, Their Latest Capsule Collection and More
Joerg & Maria Koch from 032c Talk Work, Their Latest Capsule Collection and More
Joerg & Maria Koch from 032c Talk Work, Their Latest Capsule Collection and More
032c X Jerome Boateng for Bread&&Butter by Zalando

Check out the unisex BOA17 collection exclusively available on breadandbutter.com – Zalando’s new shopping hub for selected streetwear and exclusive product drops.

Photo credits: Bread&Butter by Zalando, W Mag

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