Maxim Meyer-Horn

13 May

Interview: Kelly Kiara Talks About Her Tempting New Single ‘Sex Faces’

Kelly Kiara already wrote songs for big acts like Mabel and Offset, but the London-based singer is ready to grab her moment and shine. Kelly Kiara is becoming the new darling of the pop industry thanks to her undeniable talent for writing bops. Today, the music video of her newest single “Sex Faces” dropped, and we had an interview with the new ‘enfant terrible’ of the UK pop scene.

You just released your epic new single “Sex Faces”, which is just your third official release. How does it feel to finally release your own music?

It feels like I’ve jumped a life hurdle! Releasing my own music has always been the biggest goal in my life since I was young, so it feels incredible. It also makes me feel like all the times I didn’t give up was worth it and all the times I thought I was crazy, I actually wasn’t. So that gives me great peace of mind, and the urge to be even crazier.

You’ve been writing for many other artists. How did that help you in becoming the artist you are now?

It gave me an undeniable insight into the music industry, how it operates, and the work that’s required. It’s taught me what listeners and labels expect from a song also.

“Sex Faces” is once again a real bop where you showcase your massive songwriting talent. Tell us more about the message of the song.

Thank you so, so much. I actually didn’t focus too much on the lyrics at all and only tried to capture the mood of how I was feeling when I heard the beat, which was fun, carefree, and sexy. Lyrically, I didn’t take it too seriously and just made it tongue in cheek.

You’re not just a singer but can be named an activist for inclusivity. Where does the passion to stand up for minorities come from?

Thank you, I have a long way to go before I would consider myself an activist. However, I always questioned when I was younger why there weren’t any disabled-bodied/trans or different looking models or entertainers. But times have changed, and I’m seeing more positive inclusivity. So now that I have the opportunity to advocate this in my work, that’s what I wish to do.

When can we expect a bigger project of you and what will the theme be? 

You can expect my first EP this year where there are themes of astrology and abstract artwork. Within the music in the EP, the message is clear; don’t be scared to say what you feel, be who you want to be, be rude, be sexy, be free, and enjoy it. The EP is a musical journey of me coming into womanhood and learning how to release my mind from expectations and stigmas that I had placed on myself and from others and just speak my truth.

Photos by 35onMe.

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