Maxim Meyer-Horn

26 May 2020

Interview: Kota the Friend Is on the ‘B.Q.E.’ to the Top

There’s no other city in the world that breaths as much hip hop as Brooklyn. The legendary city has introduced many groundbreaking talents and we’re sure that Kota The Friend will be the next one to take over the world. The rapper has been dropping songs like no other and gains new fans every day because of his undeniable talent. Kota is on the B.Q.E. (Brooklyn-Queens Expressway) to the top and there’s nothing that could slow him down.

Kota has only recently released his flawless mixtape Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1, where he shows his lyrical talent and his ability to adept his own style to many different hip hop vibes, but he keeps releasing new music. His freshest single is by far one of his best and that’s not only because heavyweights Joey Bada$$ and Bas decided to record a verse. “B.Q.E.” is a modern approach to old school Brooklyn hip hop and gives us a clear vision of what we can expect from Brooklyn’s hottest hip hop newcomer. We had a quick Q&A with Kota The Friend to talk about his music, his upcoming debut album and Jay Z.

You’re on a roll and already released a lot of music this year. How do you keep yourself productive?

I just dont like being stagnant. Staying productive keeps me sane and keeps my mind off of the negative things.

The rap industry is bigger than ever with many talented acts. What makes you unique in your opinion?

I think any artist that speaks from their soul and creates sounds based on how they feel is a unique artists. The only time an artist isn’t unique is when they try to sound like someone else.

You have a very laid back hip hop sound with a little dreamy touch. When did you know that this was the flow you wanted to go for?

I have no idea. I kind of just make whatever feels right for me at the time. I grew up listening to laid back rap like Nas, Biggie, and Jay Z. I think that had a big effect on my style.


You’re releasing your debut album ‘Everything’ soon. What makes the album interesting or stand out in your opinion?

EVERYTHING is a positive album from top to bottom. It speaks on no negativity which I think makes it different than other projects. It’s jazzy with live instruments and a lot of guitars. I think that’s different from a lot of hip-hop these days.

Since this is only the beginning, where do you see yourself in a year or two?

I see myself creating some type of art, and venturing into some new, fun hobbies.

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