Maxim Meyer-Horn

9 Nov

Interview: Let’s Introduce You To London’s Coolest New Singer JGrrey

Embraced by the likes of Billie Eilish and Aminé, the London-based singer JGrrey is on her way to becoming a really heavyweight in the music industry. Her neo-soul sounds extremely captivating and comparisons to the legendary Sade are never far away. We had a quick chat with London’s brightest new star, who just released a new song “Doubt Nothing”.

Where are you at the moment and what have you been up to the last weeks?

Right now, I am at home, it’s actually a lovely day where I am. The last couple of weeks I’ve been in release territory, just been doing all the tedious standard release shit.

In 2017, you’ve done a COLORS SHOW and someone commented: “Sounds like some mix between classic cartoon songs and modern music”. How would you define your music?

Honestly, I can’t, and I don’t feel like I should ever have to. I’d use words like dreamy, smokey, and free, if I had to?

You’ve stated in an interview that you originally didn’t really have the ambition to become a singer. When and why did that change?

It changed because people started calling me JGrrey, people started calling me a singer… It started paying my bills (laughs), so, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

What was it like becoming an artist over the last couple of years?

I genuinely believe my process has been different from everyone else. I think music found, and then consumed me. I’m here now and I’m so lucky it found me. I needed it. I don’t know where I’d be without it as music has helped me grow and process things. That’s a blessing, right? I think my process was intention heavy… I just went where the universe took me, man.

Did your aesthetic or inspiration change throughout your career?

As someone with an identity crisis, my aesthetic is always changing but I think it’s always been quite laid-back in general. It’s similar to my music, which in turn is similar to me. My inspiration will forever be my mother and everything around her.

You haven’t released an album yet. What are you planning for your first body of work?

Now, that would be telling.

Neo-soul is a very heartwarming genre. How are you trying to bring something new to the game?

I’m not, music is new for me, so by default, I suppose everything I produce will be new. I’m not really trying anything, it’s just an experiment.

Your lyrics are frank and very relatable. Have you ever felt a barrier between your emotions and songwriting?

Yes, sometimes I’m too frank and think “I can’t say that…can I?” and that’s a shame but I’m still figuring it out.

In your new fantastic song “Doubt Nothing” you’re motivating your listeners to believe in themselves. Have you ever struggled with that?

Yes, every day of my existence.

What are you planning for the next months?

More music, live shows in new ways, new visuals, and I might get another puppy.

Photos by Fatty35mm

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