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10 Mar 2019

Interview: Meet Doja Cat, the Artist Behind the Legendary Song ‘Mooo!’

Urban female acts are getting more powerful every single day and the Los Angeles-based rapper and singer Doja Cat is a perfect example of it. Born as Amala Zandile Dlamini as a child of her South-African father and Jewish-American mother, the 23-year-old star grew up in a very artistic family. Releasing her first music at the age of eighteen, Doja Cat knew that she wanted to become a superstar. Five years and a debut album later, we met Doja Cat backstage before performing her first ever show in Belgium.

Hi Miss Doja Cat! How are you?

I am fine. Thanks for asking.

You’re currently on tour through Europe. How has the tour been so far?

It’s been great and crazy. It’s our first real headlining European tour, so it’s a lot of taking sprinter vans and moving bags. It’s really fucking crazy and so fun to go to all these different places. We’re like real gangsters right now.

Is there something fun or special that has happened on the tour yet?

I think what’s interesting is that I didn’t know how many fans I had in some places. I knew that I would love Amsterdam and it was the first show I sold out on this tour. It was a real cool show and I might even have flashed a titty… (laughs).

Your debut album Amala was born last year. What’s the main concept of the album?

The album isn’t so much of a conceptual piece. It’s more of a compilation and I think it shows more of my versatility as an artist. The thing about the album is that I’ve written so many songs on that album that are from years and years ago. And there are some songs on it that were totally new, so the album consists of three phases in my life.

You’ve just released a deluxe version of the album. Can you tell us a little bit more about the new songs?

Right. We put three new songs on there. “Juicy” was a brand new song no one knew before the release. We really love the song and might put it on the next project too. Then we put “MOOO!” on there, because obviously people freaked out about the song and we really wanted them to have it. Finally, we have “Tia Tamara”, which I was live broadcasting on my Instagram Live and people kept asking me to put it out.

“MOOO!” is indeed a very special and fun song. Why do you think the song became trending?

I think it was because it was refreshing to people. People kind of connected with it in a sense where they appreciated the goofiness of it all. Not a lot of people are goofy and a lot of people take themselves way too serious. I think it just makes people feel good to have that to connect to for once, especially in these very hard and serious times where a lot of crazy shit happens in the world.

In 2014, you’ve debuted with your song “So High”, which sounds a little bit different compared to your debut album. What has triggered this evolution?

I was smoking a lot of weed when I did the EP where “So High” is on and that definitely completely changed my creative process. I quit weed mid-album, so that changed a lot too for the album. I guess I am more coherent and consistent in making music when I am sober…

You have a very fresh and colorful style. How would you describe your own fashion game?

I pull a lot of my style from Harajuku street fashion and nineties, early two-thousand’s fashion. I love wearing by surreal and sparkly shit, but I kind of change a lot… I can be a goth one day, but the next day I am covered with flowers. The Japanese culture is basically one of the main inspirations, so that might explain a lot of my outfits.

You’re currently on tour and the album is out. What are your plans for after the tour?

The biggest thing is finishing the next album, so that’s right around the corner and I am pretty excited for that!

Thanks for having us and we can’t wait to hear more from you!

Photography by Kamilia Sain for Enfnts Terribles

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