Maxim Meyer-Horn

9 Jun 2020

Interview: Nicki Nicole Is Argentina’s Next Hip Hop Treasure

Female rappers are completely taking over the charts with Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion in the lead in the US. However, in Argentina, they have the upcoming rap-sensation Nicki Nicole who can join Doja and Megan at the top soon. With almost 200 million streams on Spotify and a great team around her, it’s just a matter of time before she expands her success to the rest of the world. We had a little interview to talk about her new release “Colocao” and what we can expect from her second album.

You’re the next big star from Argentina, and you bring a new freshness to the urban scene. What makes you different from other artists?

I feel that it’s not about being different, but the essence of each person. By being an artist, I am someone different, like everyone is different. No one is better than anyone else is. It’s simply about each artist and each essence.

Were you nervous to release “Colocao” because it’s the first single since your debut?

Yeah, I always have nerves when releasing a song. More than anything it’s waiting and seeing people’s reactions. As good as a song seems to me, we always expect that kind of approval as artists, I think.

You’re still very young, only 19, so you bring this recklessness many artists don’t have. Do you think it’s difficult to be a young female artist in this male-dominated industry?

It’s normalized to say “female artist” when talking about a woman being an artist and this being so normal is something that makes it more difficult. All artists are the same, there’s no difference due to gender, it’s simply about being an artist and going where we wanna go.

What’s the new song “Colocao” about?

 “Colocao,” is a song that’s musically based in an experimental freestyle with Bizarrap. We did it in his studio, before the coronavirus pandemic, and I finished it while quarantine, where I added flows and got more involved with musical elements outside of the lyrics. The lyrics mix very well into the freestyle flows.

How was it to make a music video during quarantine?

It’s very limiting, you have so many things on your mind when it’s time to release new music and make a music video, and having to lessen the possibilities and do everything within four walls and a patio is very difficult. Especially having two of your brothers involved that do not have experience and no professionals around. It’s weird but at the same time, it’s very experimental. It’s really fun to see what can end up happening, and what the result can be.

What can we expect from your next album?

Honestly, I’m working on it and I’m seeing what I want to do with it. First of all, I want to wait for everyone to be calm, and for me to feel calm, once this is over. I like to make music in a normal way, and seeing my family with all of this, it becomes a bit difficult. I don’t think that it’s a good idea for me to release an album during a pandemic. But I am working on it, and I think I’ll be able to have something solid soon.

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