24 Mar

Interview: Night Lovell Talks About His New Album ‘Goodnight Lovell’

The urban scene is shaking, because Canadian rapper Night Lovell is ready to take his crown! Releasing his first songs as a young teenager on SoundCloud, the rap phenomenon has already over 100 million streams on his songs. We’re not the only big fans of the future superstar, because Lovell can count pop superstar Billie Eilish among his biggest fans. At the age of 21, Night Lovell has already three albums out. His latest release ‘Goodnight Lovell’ is just some weeks old and showcases why the rapper belongs to the selected list of future hip hop legacy.

Hi Night Lovell, how are you?

I am good, thanks!

At the end of last month, you released your new album Goodnight Lovell. How do you feel about the album?

I am really happy with it. It finally came together after two years of experimenting and I am really happy about the end product.

In what way is your new album different compared to your previous work?

I feel like the album is more mature, better put together and cohesive. My last albums were more all over the place, because I was having more fun. But the new album is definitely the best package.

Our personal favorite of the album is “Bumble Bee”. What’s yours and why?

That’s a good question because that changes every day. “Sinister” is currently one of my favorite songs ’cause it has my favorite beat. In general, I really love to perform “Bad Kid” at the moment.

The album features collabs with $UICIDEBOY$ and Lil West. How was it to work with them?

$UICDEBOY$ are fire! Working with them was very organic and we just really work well together. I’ve known Lil West since the beginning of my career, so that came about because I had a beat that suits his style so good.

You’re surely already working on new tracks. Any idea of next collabs?

Not really, because I really like things happening in the moment. I’m definitely already working on new songs and will continue doing that until the rest of the year, so let’s see what the next months bring.

You don’t only have millions of streams on Spotify, but have astronomical numbers on SoundCloud as well, making you one of the most popular rappers on the platform. How did you start with SoundCloud?

SoundCloud was really different back in 2014, because it was the only thing people used to put music out. I was looking for beats on SoundCloud for my own music, because it was the best platform to share your music. Nowadays, this has changed.

You’re still putting many songs on SoundCloud. Why do you think it’s important to still publish the songs on there?

I think a lot of people are still using SoundCloud, which is not that big anymore like it used to be. Today, the biggest part of music fans use payed services to listen to music… I just love to put my music everywhere!

How was it when you realized that a lot of people were listening to your music and it became trending?

I don’t know, because it didn’t really hit me until I dropped my first album. Once I released Red Teenage Melody, I started feeling that people were actually listening to my music and that hit me.

You started making music as a teenager. What did you want to tell with your music at such a young age?

To be honest, I didn’t really had that much of a story… I knew that I loved music and felt that I wanted to make music, so I really just made music that I liked. It really surprised me that people gravitated to it. All I was doing, was making music out of fun.

Is telling a story more important to you now?

It’s more important and comes really naturally. I am a bit older and have been through more stuff.

A skull is your logo. What does the skull reflect in your eyes?

The skull just represents me trapped in my dreams and that bad things can always happen. That’s why I chose a skull as my whole direction.

You’re currently on tour through Europe. How has the tour been so far?

Good, good, good! But obviously also very tiring… It’s fun to see people supporting you and losing their shit.

The album is out and you’re on tour. What can we still expect from you in these next months?

More music and definitely more tours. Maybe some cool videos, collabs and really showing more of my face.

Sounds good. Enjoy the show and hopefully see you soon!

Photos by Maxim Meyer-Horn for Enfnts Terribles

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